Aqueous Technologies Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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Aqueous Technologies, a manufacturer of automated circuit assembly cleaning equipment, cleanliness testing systems, and stencil cleaning machines is celebrating its 25th year in business. 

Aqueous Technologies was founded in 1992 by Michael Konrad (currently its president and CTO). Aqueous Technologies was founded to address the aggressive environmental regulations created by the Montreal Protocol (an international treaty to abolish several species of chlorinated fluorocarbons common in cleaning solvents). Aqueous Technologies successfully popularized compact environmentally responsible cleaning technologies, selling thousands of alternative cleaning systems throughout the world.

In 1994, Aqueous Technologies introduced zero discharge cleaning technology for water soluble flux removal applications. Later, in the early 2000's, Aqueous Technologies pioneered a new technology capable of removing any flux type while remaining completely zero discharge.

In 1998, Aqueous Technologies acquired Zero Systems of Alpharetta Georgia, adding the popular Zero Ion ionic contamination tester to its lineup.

Today, Aqueous Technologies offers a large selection of fully automated cleaning/defluxing systems, ionic contamination testers, and ultrasonic stencil cleaning systems.

Aqueous Technologies' President and CTO, Michael Konrad, stated, "It's hard to believe twenty-five years have gone by. We started in a garage and today we design and build products out of our Southern California state-of-the-art manufacturing center. With thousands of customers located throughout the world on six continents, the sun never sets on our products. We remain committed to continuing our legacy of designing and building effective and environmentally responsible cleaning and cleanliness testing equipment. We look eagerly to the next twenty-five years and the continuing opportunity to make this world a better place."


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