Lincoln International EMS Stock Index for Q4 2016 Outperforms S&P

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Lincoln International’s EMS Stock Index has outperformed the S&P in the fourth quarter of 2016. The Large Index (Tier 1) has increased by 8.5% from the previous quarter, while the Mid Index (Tier 2) has increased by 17.4% from Q3. The Small Index, on the other hand, fell by 11.8%. Overall, the EMS Index went up by 10% on-quarter.

Leading the gainers are Sanmina (Tier 1), whose quarter-over-quarter share price performance went up by 28.7%; Kimball Electronics (Tier 2), which posted a 31.3% gain; and SMTC (Tier 3), which increased by 10.9%.

Worst performers include Flex (Tier 1), which dropped by 5.5%; Sparton (Tier 2), which fell by 9.2%; and IEC Electronics (Tier 3), whose quarter-over-quarter share price performance fell by 25.2%.


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