The Future of Robot Programming

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Robotics expert Euclid Labs is inviting operators, developers and integrators of manufacturing equipment to an exclusive networking event on the first evening of AUTOMATICA 2018 in Munich. In addition to inspiring presentations and the networking opportunity with leading representatives from the Industrial Manufacturing field, attendees will be the first to experience a novel and entirely intuitive solution to controlling robot arms – without any programming.

Thanks to falling prices and increasing performance, the unit sales of robot arms is growing double-digit year over year. However, modern robots are so flexible they could be of benefit to many more applications, if there were not such high complexity in programming. Six degrees of freedom and programming interfaces which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer still call for a host of experience and expertise, which makes development projects of robot systems lengthy and expensive.

At the event “The Future of Robot Programming” on 19th 2018, the Italian software OEM and service provider Euclid Labs introduces a highly intuitive and rapid approach to define sequences of movements and actions of robot arms without any programming skills for the very first time. Roberto Polesel, CEO of Euclid Labs, is sure: “This approach will revolutionize the application of robot arms. It reduces development cycles and costs of robot systems to a fraction. Thanks to our solution, it is possible to adapt robot arms to new processes at any time. This increased flexibility fulfils the requirements of modern manufacturing lines, which are built on the principles of Industry 4.0.”

Euclid Labs has already brought together the Who-is-Who of the Industrial Manufacturing to the “Executive BBQ with a Robot” at the evening before AUTOMATICA® 2016, at BMW World in Munich. Next year, participants can look forward to a unique networking opportunity with excellent gourmet buffet – according to the occasion – at one of the hippest event locations of Munich, a former factory plant.

Interested managers from the Industrial Manufacturing field should save the date 19th June 2018 at 7:30 p.m. in their calendars. Further details will be published in the upcoming weeks.

About Euclid Labs

Euclid Labs designs and develops high-tech solutions for robotics and industrial automation. Our purpose is to provide industrial manufacturing companies with flexible and effective software tools to solve difficulties related to small batch production, high quality requirements and the automation of complex tasks. In close collaboration with robot manufacturers, machine builders and system integrators Euclid Labs creates the best applications for the automatic programming of robots of all kinds and manufacturers. Founded in 2005, a higher profitability of industrial automation has always been our goal. We enable our customers to reach this goal by reducing programming time and adding adaptive skills to automation systems. For more information, click here.   


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