Survey on Critical Process Issues

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We are conducting a short survey to determine the critical issues and challenges in your PCB design, fabrication, or assembly processes.

Your participation in this survey will help ensure we are providing you and the industry with the best content possible.

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey. We appreciate your time, and your response is greatly appreciated.

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10/18/2017 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
IPC Director of Market Research Sharon Starr found time to discuss the recently conducted and published surveys and research reports and a few others still in the works. These reports are free to survey participants, which is certainly a great incentive for taking the time to complete them. (Hint: That’s a call to action for those of you sitting on the sidelines.)

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The War on Process Failure

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Who out there thought of it as a war? Is it? Well, we think it is—and a never-ending one at that. In fact, we thought it significant enough to devote all three of our August issues to the subject, because no matter how good you are or how great things are running, Murphy’s Law is right there, ready to take you down a peg or two—or worse.

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