What's the Scoop? APEX CFX Showcase

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Khoo Yak Hua.jpg"CFX has standardized the transport protocol for all and AMQP has been selected as the foundation of transport protocol with JSON as the format. ViTrox can foresee the success of CFX as everyone is adopting the same method in data transferring and standardizing content’s format for all processes, whereby it creates a win-win situation for customers and equipment makers.

Venturing into Industry 4.0, data is essential to success, and accessing of the data is certainly required a lot of resources invested. The success of CFX will accelerate the pace into Industry 4.0."

—Khoo Yak Hua, R&D manager, ViTrox Corporation Bhd

Luciano Bonaria.jpg"In an increasingly interdependent world, SPEA has immediately recognized the importance of embracing common standards for data exchange, such as CFX. When a customer is buying a test equipment, his expectation is that it can be connected with his established informatics infrastructure.

We are definitely ready for it. We have decided to be flexible. We consider essential to count on an effective, simple standard either for machine-to-machine or for machine-to-factory communication. For that purpose, our testing equipment offers an open interface while integrating connected sensors, intelligent modules and scalable design. They will be able to exchange information with the factory mobile network for understanding precious aspects: measurements done, detected errors and defects.

We strongly believe CFX will help in implementing more and more smart process into electronics manufacturing."

—Luciano Bonaria, president, SPEA S.p.A.

Carlos Sanchez copy.jpeg"JBC has successfully participated in the world’s first IoT network powered by IPC CFX. The IPC CFX Initiative is a standard for digital communication across all factory machines, sensors, devices and software systems.

In that sense, JBC has made a breakthrough in electronics by launching JBC Net, the first smart system to optimize traceability and resources in hand soldering, and IPC APEX EXPO Innovation Award winner. As CFX, it provides all the advantages of a connected production line. You can collect data; obtain real-time reports; and measure productivity. The possibility of integrating these technologies in companies’ systems without making a big investment makes CFX and JBC Net a great opportunity for adapting to the Industry 4.0."

—Carlos Sánchez, lab manager, JBC Soldering S.L.

Roberto Yebra.jpg"Industry 4.0 standards are revolutionizing how vendors and factories operate, revolutions are disruptive, yet aim for innovation. The CFX Standard offers the opportunity to cooperate with TRI's innovative quality assurance machines with other vendors.

Companies will follow IPC’s CFX, because they have established the current industry standards. It’s only natural they will also continue with Industry 4.0 standard. Implementing IPC’s CFX has been simple and practical, yet it has a great impact to drive smart and connected factories.

Test Research Inc. will keep embracing change towards smart interconnected factories."

—Roberto Yebra, technology-marketing specialist, Test Research Inc.



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