Lascar Electronics Introduces New EasyLog Data Logger

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From discovering new species of frogs in South America to monitoring water flow in caves in New Mexico, clients from all over the world have used the EasyLog range of data loggers for various applications. As technology evolves and application requirements change, it is more important than ever for researchers, engineers, technicians — even hobbyists alike to have a reliable and robust data logging system for recording and measuring data.

Lascar Electronics, an industry leader in data logging solutions, announced today the all-new release of the EL-SIE-6+ data logger. The new data logger under the EasyLog brand is available in five additional models and can measure ambient temperature, humidity, and pressure. The new and unique feature to the EL-SIE-6+, designed by Lascar’s team of software engineers, is its self-contained software. Meaning, you can connect to your PC or Mac computer and configure, analyze data, and generate graphs in your web-browser, all without the need for internet access.

"I think we put much emphasis on user-friendliness,” said Andres Santana, Software Engineer of PA-Based Lascar Electronics. “You don’t need to download anything extra to configure it; any internet browser will do. You can start using it at pretty much the click of a button.”

Choose from immediate, delayed, triggered, or push-to-start logging. The display shows current, maximum, and minimum readings, and three colored LEDs indicate device status at a glance. Alarms are fully user-configurable, with functionality including cumulative alarms, pre-alarms, a delay before alarm triggering, and an alarm hold option. Recorded data can then be downloaded to your computer or uploaded to an EasyLog Cloud account for secure storage and robust analysis.

Features and benefits include: 

  • -18 to +55°C (-0.4 to +131°F) temperature measurement range 
  • 0 to 100% RH humidity measurement range 
  • 300 to 1200mbar pressure measurement range 
  • Stores over 1,000,000 readings 
  • No software to install - configure using your normal web browser 
  • Use with a PC or Mac 
  • Display shows current, maximum and minimum readings 
  • Status and alarm indicators 
  • On-board alarm sounder 
  • Data can be uploaded to the EasyLog Cloud

“This is a great addition to bring under the EasyLog group,” added PA-Based Lascar Electronics Sales Manager, Steven Lindquist. “It offers us new potential in all the markets and applications where monitoring temperature, humidity, and pressure are vital. The EL-SIE range will help expand our core offering and provide better solutions for our end-users.”

About Lascar Electronics

Since 1977, Lascar Electronics has been designing and manufacturing digital panel meters, data loggers, and digital displays for customers from all over the world. With offices in the UK, the US and Hong Kong, and with a vast global distribution network, Lascar’s goal is to provide the best data logging solutions to their clients all over the world.

For more information about the EL-SIE range and EL-SIE-6+, please visit




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