PCEA Update with Scott McCurdy and Stephen V. Chavez

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I hope all of you are doing well during this pandemic which is disrupting everyone’s lives, and that none of your family, friends or loved ones have contracted COVID-19.  As the previous IPC Designers Council Orange County chapter president, I’m sending this organizational overview to let you know that that our chapter is in the process of advancing. Our previous affiliation with the IPC has been dissolved and we are excited to have become affiliated with the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA). I will continue to serve as the local chapter president, and our chapter leaders and I are working to make our transition to PCEA a seamless and beneficial one for all of us.

Our local chapter will continue as always, but under a new banner. I look forward to your continued involvement. Unfortunately, during this time of social distancing, we have been unable to conduct our normal quarterly Lunch ‘n Learn events. So, in the meantime I want to introduce you to PCEA Global Chairman Stephen V. Chavez, who will bring you up to speed on the transitional plans for our chapter and share some news about an upcoming virtual educational webinar.

Scott McCurdy, president


steph_chavez300.jpg Hello!

My name is Stephen V. Chavez. I serve as global chairman for the newly formed Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA). We have recently incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)6 organization for professionals in the electronics industry.

The PCEA’s charter is to coordinate and promote the exchange and integration of design ideas related to printed circuit engineering technologies. The PCEA will accomplish this through communication, seminars, workshops, local, national and international PCEA chapter programming worldwide. The PCEA consists of local chapters organized as self-governing bodies and overseen by an executive board selected from our active members. We currently have a membership base of over 1,000 professionals. The PCEA is receiving global industry support from key private professionals, industry CAD tool suppliers, leading industry media organizations, and global PCB and EMS providers. We have also formed a collaborative relationship with the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA,) which is excited to support the PCEA’s growth.

Before its dissolution, our previous affiliation the IPC Designers Council was founded on the principle of being an organization created “By designers, for designers.” Our membership included designers and attracted a wide spectrum of professionals such as electrical engineers, mechanical, manufacturing, assembly specialists, inspectors, fabrication specialists, material developers, and many others. Over the years, local chapters were formed across the nation, made up of professionals in their regional areas.

Now, more than ever, designers need to seek collaboration and fellowship with an array of printed circuit engineering stakeholders in the electronics industry. Recognizing this, the legacy leadership board and others formed the PCEA and have expanded its mantra now, to be an organization established by PCE Professionals, for PCE Professionals.


As chairman of the PCEA, I encourage you to consider joining the PCEA, where you will have an opportunity to become more than just a member. You will become a part of the PCEA collective where collaboration, inspiration, and education are at the core of our foundation. Our membership is free. We do, however, accept donations.

Lastly, I would like to inform you of some exciting news. The PCEA will be hosting a remote webinar with featured speaker, Rick Hartley on July 14, 2020. You can sign up for this on the events page.

So, get involved and join us by visiting pce-a.org. You can follow us on LinkedIn at PCEA-Printed Circuit Engineering Association and on Twitter at @PCEAssociation.

Our best regards,

Stephen V. Chavez, CID+
Global Chairman

Scott McCurdy
Orange County Chapter President



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