Arlon Releases Revolutionary Product

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Arlon Electronic Materials, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, is proud to announce the release of its newest polyimide material 86HP.

This revolutionary polyimide laminate system is Anti-CAF, low z-axis expansion (0– 2600C), twice the thermal conductivity of conventional epoxy or polyimide systems, ideal for high layer count, HDI, multiple sequential lamination cycles. Arlon’s 86HP offers the lowest dielectric constant and loss tangent currently available in polyimide laminate materials.  Additionally, Arlon’s 86HP is halogen free and meets UL 94V-0. 

The 86HP has been designed for applications in which extended thermal exposure and long service life are critical.  Typical applications include space, avionics, aerospace, industrial and military; applications where epoxy systems may not deliver long term reliability.

Mark Carlson, Arlon’s Global OEM Marketing Manager stated “The Anti-CAF performance of the 86HP will forever change the way circuits are designed using polyimide laminate system, because it allows for reduced hole-to-hole spacing. Designers also get the added benefits with 86HP of lower Dk and significantly lower Df than are found in traditional polyimide systems.”

Arlon’s 86HP has wide process latitude in lamination curing temperatures, this allows for up to 7 sequential lamination cycles.  Another benefit of the 86HP is the extended drill life over traditional polyimide systems, reducing the cost of fabrication. “Our fabricator base is reporting up to 1000 drill hits on PCBs fabricated with 86HP versus 100-200 hits on traditional polyimides.” added Mr. Carlson.

The 86HP laminates will be manufactured at Arlon’s Rancho Cucamonga, CA facility.  The product is available for purchase through all Arlon’s distributors and sales representatives globally.

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