Graphic PLC Selects Ucamco's Integr8tor

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One of the most technically competent manufacturers in the global high-technology PCB industry, Graphic PLC manufactures a wide range of highly-advanced PCBs for its demanding, high-reliability markets. These include the defence and aerospace sectors, as well as advanced medical and industrial marketplaces. 

Following extensive tests on a number of alternatives that would support its quoting and engineering needs, Graphic selected Ucamco's Integr8tor system for the quality, stability, reliability, and accuracy of its results, and for its compatibility with Graphic’s existing Orbotech systems environment. 

With the open, flexible support of Adeon and Ucamco, Graphics can now automatically and fully analyse client data with unprecedented speed. Integr8tor has freed at least one engineer from the quoting process, and is being integrated across Graphics' pre-production processes to enable well-analysed, clear data to flow seamlessly throughout the business, increasing efficiencies and reliability while improving Graphic’s customer service performance no end.

Group Managing Director David Pike and Engineer Chris Hunter explain: "Graphic PLC has been in business with the same ownership for over 45 years, a rare thing in the PCB industry. That's because our focus lies where we believe European PCB manufacturing has a future: Leading edge technology for demanding industries such as defense and aerospace, as well as some pretty sophisticated products for the medical and advanced industrial sectors. 

"Our  marketplaces demand absolute reliability from us, in advanced technologies such as flex and flex-rigid circuits, stacked and staggered sequential microvias, copper, and resin-filled vias, high-CTE structures, carbon core and multi resin filled systems. We also do a lot of work with buried resistance and buried capacitance, and are involved in embedded technologies. 

"We have quite a range of very high end products, in volumes ranging from prototype one-offs, to thousand-strong series, for customers in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and the U.S. Through our China-based JV with Somacis, we are even supplying high-end products from and to the Far East. Over the years we've become known as one of the world's most technically competent manufacturers in the high-technology PCB industry.

"Approximately 35% of our business is fast-turn work, with leadtimes in the order of 10 days and under, and our clients want correct quotes from us ASAP.  Our products are so complex that it was becoming impossible to manually capture all the data necessary to create accurate quotes in time. So we decided to implement a system that would enable us to manage incoming customer data automatically.  

"After evaluating all the alternatives, we selected Ucamco's Integr8tor. We had never worked with Ucamco before, and we can't afford to make mistakes, so we really put them through their paces. Integr8tor impressed us immensely for the quality, stability, reliability and accuracy of its results, and for its compatibility with our existing Orbotech systems environment. Key for us was having a plug-in package into which we could input the customer's data easily, and see immediately the exact board build.


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