Dr. LaBeau to Lead Calumet's Process Engineering Team

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Calumet Electronics Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of Process Engineering Manager, Dr. Meredith LaBeau. In her position, Dr. LaBeau manages a diverse group of engineers who design and implement manufacturing processes to create high quality, reliable printed circuit boards (PCBs). She oversees the work of Calumet’s chemical, electrical, photo imaging, and mechanical engineers. In addition to exploring new technologies and capabilities, Dr. LaBeau leads and manages continuous improvement projects to increase productivity and capacity, and reduce turnaround time.

“I employ a number of hands-on managerial strategies to ensure that the process engineering team is well-supported and functioning at top capacity,” she said. “Accountability is key. I believe in real-time decision-making to address problems as they arise. That helps ensure we have the tightest control processes, which result in the highest quality products. I’m very pleased to join the outstanding engineers at Calumet. It’s gratifying to work with such talented people who are so committed to quality and service.”

Dr. LaBeau holds three degrees from Michigan Technological University: a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering, and a master’s and PhD in environmental engineering, reflecting her strong background in mathematics, physics, and process modeling. Her international master’s degree focused on wastewater treatment in developing countries. Dr. LaBeau is the published author of three scholarly papers.

Calumet has built a reputation on producing high-quality printed circuit boards with some of the industry’s highest defect-free manufacturing rates. Calumet’s investments allow the company to continue to manufacture PCBs for a product’s lifetime. With ongoing investments in cutting-edge technology and a commitment to continuously improving process controls, Calumet Electronics remains an industry leader in manufacturing PCB solutions in North America.

For more information about Calumet Electronics Corporation, visit www.calumetelectronics.com.


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