FTG Adds New Drilling Equipment to Meet Demand

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FTG Circuits has purchased new drilling equipment from Via Mechanics (USA) Inc. to keep pace with increased production demands at the company's Toronto facility. The ND-6Y220E is a six-station drilling machine equipped with 160K air bearing spindles. The machine features blind hole depth control of +/-0.015 mm among other industry leading features. It will allow FTG to stay ahead of advanced technology drilling demands while also increasing production throughput in their drilling department.

Hardeep Heer, chief technology officer at FTG Circuits, said, “We chose to partner with Via Mechanics (USA) because of their track record for providing high technology quality equipment with superior service and support. This purchase demonstrates our continued commitment to invest in advanced technology and adapt to the changing demands of our industry.”

Jeff Brandman, president of TFE who is the Via Mechanics (USA) Representative in Canada, adds, “FTG and Via Mechanics (USA) are both leaders and developers of new technologies. It’s a natural fit when two firms come together to leverage each others core competencies. We see this as a huge step toward FTG moving to a Via Mechanics (USA) platform.”

About FTG

Firan Technology Group is a leading North American manufacturer of high-technology PCBs and precision illuminated display systems. FTG has manufactured complex mil-spec and specialty printed circuit boards for the Telecom, Medical, Avionics, Military, and Advanced Test markets for over three decades. Their commitment to innovation and one-on-one partnering assures a level of service and quality that customers demand, while quick-turn prototype and production runs guarantee on-time delivery. With facilities in Canada, and representation in the U.S. and Europe, FTG provides a broad range of integrated design and manufacturing services in a one-stop-shop offering.

About Via Mechanics (USA) Inc.

As a leading company in the PWB manufacturing systems industry, Via Mechanics has been providing a broad range of products including PWB Mechanical Drilling Machines, Routing Machines and Laser Drilling Machines for decades. These solutions have an excellent reputation and have earned a high level of customer confidence due to Via Mechanics dedication to supporting and servicing their customers. 


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