ACE Adds Isola's Astra & I-Tera to Materials List

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Accurate Circuit Engineering (ACE) is proud to announce the addition of Isola’s Astra and I-Tera laminates to their list of standard materials. After extensive testing and several successful builds, ACE is pleased to add these lower cost replacements of many high-cost RF materials to their long list of standard laminates. “ACE has long been at the leading edge of technology and the addition of these new more cost-effective RF laminates is a natural choice for us,” says James Hofer, general manager at ACE.

Since ACE specializes in prototype manufacturing, the option for a lower cost alternative RF laminate has been an interest for many of our customers. “We are always being asked if there is a more economical quality solution to some of our higher cost RF stack-ups,” remarks Brandon Lowe, vice president at ACE.

ACE assists many of their customers at the design stage with material selection, DFM and pre-release stack ups so having a large selection of standard materials is something they have always strived to maintain.

An ACE customer using Astra remarks, “For the last order, your recommendations, and going above and beyond to help us get a prototype assembled was greatly appreciated, I want to thank you and let you know that the board worked perfectly and our customer is very pleased.  We are very grateful for the extra help given by the ACE team to perfect this build.”

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About Accurate Circuit Engineering

Accurate Circuit Engineering (ACE) has specialized in the manufacture of quick-turn high technology printed circuit boards since 1983. ACE opened for business in our current location in the heart of Orange County where we earn our excellent reputation every day as one of the market leaders, fabricating the best-quality PCB prototypes–quickly. ACE is an ISO 9001:2000/Mil-PRF-55110/Mil-PRF-31032 certified manufacturer of high-quality PCB prototypes and low- to medium-volume production. We strive every day to keep on top of the ever growing PCB industry by constantly upgrading our facility and machinery to better serve our extensive list of valued customers. For more information, visit or e-mail us at


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