Candor Invests in Equipment from atg, Olec, Pluritec

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Canadian high-technology PCB manufacturer Candor Industries announces it has improved overall production, speed, and capability through recent capital investments from Atg, Olec, and Pluritec.

Candor recently purchased a new atg Luther & Maelzer A7 flying probe tester. The fabricator purchased the A7 machine in order to clear out bottle necks in testing caused by many of their more complicated board builds that require a larger amount of time to test. The A7 also performs double sided flex testing, unlocking the ability for greater speeds in their flex product manufacturing. Furthermore, the machine’s embedded component testing capability will allow Candor to be more prepared for future technology changes.

The fabricator has also recently invested in an Olec AT30 semi-automatic exposing machine. The semi-automatic exposing machine was purchased in order to give Candor better registration without the extended expense of investing in an LDI machine.

In addition to the A7 and AT30, they have most recently obtained a Pluritec D2. The D2 is a drilling machine with a CCD camera that can drill 800 holes/minute. It will ultimately increase Candor’s drill registration and provide better back drilling registration, as well as more accurate control depth drilling.

“Technology is always changing and with the increasing complexity of designs board shops must consistently make improvement to their manufacturing process. Candor is committed to be at the forefront of manufacturing in order to serve our customers better,” states Candor President Yogen Patel.

About Candor Industries

Since 1999, Candor Industries has provided twenty-first century customers with innovative PCB solutions for complex technologies through a commitment to service and support. Limitations created by standard manufacturing methods led Candor to invent and develop certain technological advancements, helping them to emerge in the forefront as a top-of-the-line solutions provider. Candor continues to push the envelope of PCB manufacturing through continuous R&D, helping both customers and the industry to a brighter future. For more information, visit or contact Yogen Patel at (416) 736-6306.


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