Intertronics Releases New DYMAX 3401

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Recently announced by Intertronics is Dymax 3401 dual cure (UV and moisture) adhesive, designed for rapid bonding of a wide variety of plastic and metal substrates, including PC and ABS applications. Dymax 3401 works fast--with under 1 second UV/visible light cure using broad spectrum UV or narrow spectrum 385nm LED light, plus secondary moisture activation for complete curing in shadow areas to ensure quick and convenient assembly, which dramatically improves manufacturing efficiency and reduces costs. Dymax 3401 offers peace of mind in plastic component assembly, production of appliances; also bonding, sealing or encapsulating of PC and ABS components. 

Explained Peter Swanson, managing director of Intertronics, “Dual-cure 3401 cures rapidly and reliably under UV with low shrinkage and is moisture and thermally resistant. Post process it fluoresces blue under low intensity black light for easy inline bond inspection.”

Dymax 3401 is recommended for substrates including ABS, PC, PCTG, PEI, PETG, PI, PSDU, PVC, brass and glass. It is available for manual dispensing in 30ml syringes or 300ml cartridges and for use on continuous conveyor production lines with automatic dispensing and curing systems.

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