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1. Hitachi Chemical (Major electronic material supplier in Japan) 6/26
The supplier has commercialized a wave length conversion powder that changes UV rays to visible light for photovoltaic cells.

2. Hitachi (Major electric and electronics company in Japan) 6/26
The company has developed a new double-sided liquid cooling module for power devices such as SiC and GaN. It doubles the power capacity of the package.

3. AIST (R&D organization in Japan) 6/26
The organization has developed a new welding process for packaging MEMS devices. The process can be conducted at room temperature and by using one ATM ultra flat surface.

4. Mitsubishi Material (Major material supplier in Japan) 6/30
The supplier has organized a new division in the U.S. to recycle electronics scraps to collect precious metals.

5. DENSO (Major car module manufacturer in Japan) 7/1
The manufacturer will invest $35.8 million to expand the manufacturing capacity of transmission modules in Mexico to cover the growing market in north America.

6. AIST (R&D organization in Japan) 7/7
The organization has developed a next-generation photovoltaic cell with multiple conjunctions. It combines GaAs and other materials including CIGS and Si.

7. TANAKA (Specialty metal material supplier in Japan) 7/8
The supplier has developed a new screen-printable silver ink paste curable by UV irradiation. It can generate fine lines down to 70 microns.

8. FDK (Major device manufacturer in Japan) 7/8
The manufacturer has commercialized a new SMT-type high power inductor, “MCP Series 2016D,” for mobile products.

9. Toshiba (Major electric and electronics company in Japan) 7/9
The company has unveiled a new sticky sheet type wearable sensor module, “Silmee Bar type." The measured data can be sent directly to a smart phone or tablet PC.

10. Alps Electric (Major device manufacturer in Japan) 7/8
The manufacturer has unveiled the industry's thinnest connector (SCGH1B Series, 0.69 mm high) for micro SD memory cards (PCB cut-off type).

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