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1. Taiyo Yuden (Major component supplier in Japan) 5/15
The supplier has co-developed new high-speed optical telecommunication equipment (50Mbps) for under sea applications with Toyo Denki.

2. Toshiba (Major electric & electronics company in Japan) 5/19
The company has commercialized a new image capture device with small package size (11 mm x 11 mm) for small-sized camera modules.

3. Toyota Motors (Major car manufacturer in Japan) 5/20
The manufacturer has co-developed a new high-efficiency power semiconductor device based on new SiC material for hybrid automobile applications.

4. Fuji Film (Major film supplier in Japan) 5/20
The supplier has demonstrated recording/replay on a magnetic tape with the world highest recording density of 85.9Gbpsi. The company will make a 154TB cartridge available.

5. Murata (Major component supplier in Japan) 5/22
The supplier has begun volume production of a 0603-size high-frequency chip inductor, “LQP03HQ Series,” with the world's highest Q value.

6. AIST (R&D organization in Japan) 5/22
The organization has clarified the growing mechanisms of the carbon nanotube forest using SPring-8, Super Photon ring-8GeV.

7. Tohoku University (Japan) 5/26
The university has co-developed a new paper-like white reflection type LCD introducing a new polarization film.

8. RIKEN (Independent R&D organization in Japan) 5/27
The organization has developed a new thin glass base micro chip fluid pump. It is very stable chemically and physically, and therefore works for various biochemical subjects.

9. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (Major equipment supplier in Japan) 5/28
The supplier has co-developed new desktop OLED lighting panels for office use.

10. Mitsui Chemical (Major chemical company in Japan) 5/29
The company's OLED sealing material, “Strike Bond XMF-T,” has been adopted for smartphone curved commercialized by LG Electronics.

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