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Complete Manufacturing Lines

Turnkey lines for small to large production include printers, dispensers, pick-and-place systems, reflow and curing ovens, handling modules, storage systems, and software for stock management and traceability.Machines for the solar industry will include the SP900-S screen printer with 8 µm accuracy for solar cell metallization processes. Its vision system recognizes the edges of the cell as well as structures on the wafer so multiple layers can be printed on top of or precisely next to each other. New printer models will be introduced. An automatic electronic squeegee pressure regulation is available as an option for the SP150 printer. The SP004 semiautomatic printer features excellent printing accuracy and extras such as vision system, laser pointer, and a synchronous screw drive for table lift.Activities in Essemtec’s booth will be followed live on Twitter ( In the service corner, customers and users can discuss questions and suggestions directly with the product and process specialists. Essemtec AG, A3.358.

Rework Systems

The MRS-1000 Modular Rework System is a powerful high accuracy bench-top system for processes requiring increased control such as the removal of delicate SMT components. The MFR-1100 Multi-Function Rework System can deliver responsive and repeatable heating for a range of assembly tasks. The single output system uses both a soldering cartridge and tip.The Metcal MX-5000 Soldering, Desoldering and Rework System is a high-performance package for complex assembly challenges, combining increased power with SmartHeat Technology to eliminate overshoot potential and maintain high productivity soldering and rework. Offering high throughput and precision control, the MX-5000 also incorporates a built-in digital power indication display for continuous operator feedback and consistent, quality solder joints. Highly flexible and easy-to-use, the Metcal system measurably reduces training investment.The APR-5000 XL/XLS Array Package Rework System will also be on display. It now allows the use of inner and outer preheaters at the same time, reducing rework cycle time and protecting the component under rework by lowering nozzle temperature to achieve the same required temperature with solder joints or balls and reducing BGA lid temperatures. The APR-5000-XL/XLS will now have the ability to manage the narrow lead-free process window without reaching excessive peak temperatures that damage components, connectors, other solder joints and the PCB substrate. The simultaneous use of an inner and outer preheater at different temperatures delivers precise control and faster profiling. In most cases, the preheater nozzle and reflow top nozzle can be used at the same temperature in the final zones to achieve target temperatures. New software on the APR-5000 system simplifies rework for a faster, safer, and more repeatable performance. OK International, A4.127.

Chipshooters, Flexible Mounters, Intelligent Feeders, and Software

The KE-3020 high-speed flexible mounter will launch at the show. The FX-3 chipshooter is rated at 60,000 CPH and will be shown in a line with the KE-3020, demonstrating minimum footprint and maximum flexibility by placing parts from a 0402 chip to a 50 × 150 mm connector. The FX-3 is an ultra-high-speed assembly system. The entry-level KE-2060 Light flexible mounter provides a cost-effective option with a quadruple head with laser alignment or one high-precision placement head with vision and laser alignment.  It has IPC-rated placement of 12,500 CPH laser alignment and 1,750 CPH vision centering. The mounter can place 0201s to components 75 mm2 to 50 × 150 mm and up to 12 mm in height.  The KE-2060 Light also offers a placement accuracy of ±30 µm (3 sigma) with vision centering and ±50 µm with laser alignment. Options include exchangeable feeder trolleys, high-precision camera for microBGAs and 0.3-mm-pitch area-array devices.  The FX-1R high-speed chipshooter offers high throughput and precise component centering. It is equipped with a double head system driven by two independent linear motors. Both quadruple heads have a multi-nozzle alignment system using a high-resolution laser to simultaneously measures four different components in width, length and height. In-flight measurement eliminates idle time. The chip shooter features a placement rate of 27,000 CPH (IPC 9850), and a component range from 01005 to 20 mm2. The system’s placement accuracy is ±50µm (3 Sigma). While one head is placing components, the other simultaneously picks. The FX-3 and KE-3020 placement platforms at productronica will feature JUKI Electrical Tape feeders (ETF). The motor-driven electric feeder can feed sensitively for ultra small components, steadily and fast. There is no need to stop the machine when replenishing components using the splicing function. The IFS-X2 RFID intelligent feeder system with traceability is a second-generation feeder system with enhanced graphics and an improved user interface that makes feeder set up easier, faster, and more accurate. IFS-X2 allows for inventory control and features a closed-loop system that tracks the entire material flow and production process to ensure error-free production and total traceability with RFID technology. IFS-X2 features a graphical set up wizard that leads the operator from retrieving a reel from stock through feeder loading. On- and off-line feeder banks are networked. Additionally, the system features a closed-loop system that checks for accurate feeder set up before production. IFS-X2 updates inventory when new and used reels of components are received. Component count is done in real time. The Web services interface allows real-time communication to all ERP systems. The system uses a 1D or 2D barcode scanner that identifies incoming boards for production. All components placed on that board are then recorded and stored in a database that allows for future tracking of the components and the generation of traceability reports. The Intelligent Shop Floor Solutions (IS) is a complete software production support system comprising Intelli PE for creating production programs, Intelli PD for downloading production programs to multiple lines, Intelli PM for improvement of the operating rate of the entire floor, Intelli SCS (setup control system) for parts verification and traceability, and Intelli EM for management of feeder maintenance history. The system uses barcodes and 2D barcodes for quality control such as prevention of faulty mounting of components and traceability for streamlining of set up time. For authentication of tape feeders and tray supply devices, users can select from barcode RFID. The software allows users to monitor line operation status and production control information in the plant real-time from a remote location. Advanced features include standardized graphical operation screens across applications, and the ability to switch interface language to English, Japanese, or Chinese from any screens. JUKI, A3.143.

Modular Dry Cabinet 

Designed for IPC J-STS-033B.1 for handling of moisture sensitive devices (MSD), the MSD 1200 Series desiccant cabinets offer a modular enclosure with access from two sides that can be expanded to meet growing production, and a powerful dry unit with closed loop on-demand regeneration. The U5001 Dynamic Series Zeolite dryers feature powerful dehumidification, enabling a basic MSD1212 to take 240 seconds to move from 50% RH to less than 5% under unloaded conditions at 25°C. Optimal humidity levels are below 0.5% RH.  These units are designed to regenerate only when necessary. If there are no door openings, the dry unit will not regenerate, consuming less power. If frequent access to the cabinet is required, the dry unit will automatically regenerate more often, with a high-efficiency regeneration process taking 10 minutes. The integrated cabinet and dry unit design targets quiet and maintenance-free operation. Average power consumption is 30W per hour, including a radial fan that delivers gentle circulation. Totech Super DryR, A3-234.

Depaneling, Odd-form and Mechanical Assembly, Etc.

The 1300 SR stand-alone router minimizes depaneling stresses and provide superior edge finish. This new stand-alone router has a modular concept that allows multiple configurations to match unique process requirements. Single table or rotary indexing configurations are available. The 800 OF for odd-form assembly is a flexible pick-and-place system that can be used for odd-form component assembly, through-hole and SMD. The 800 OF is a smaller, lower cost system compared to the 1000 OF, suiting applications with fewer components. Laser workstations can be used for marking FR4 and a range of other materials, welding plastics and metals, cutting various materials, and other customized applications. Laser systems provide speed and flexibility compared to other traditional processes. They are available in bench-top, stand-alone, and in-line platforms. Also on show will be Cencorp’s 1000 BR bottom router, 1000 OF odd-form assembly cell, CTC 800 low cost assembly cell, and the DTH tray handler. Cencorp, A3.347.


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