Bob Willis Webinar: Laser, Robotic Iron Soldering

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Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion on the need for higher temperature materials and expanding the use and knowledge of high-temperature assembly techniques.

In many industries, there is also increasing interest in automating these soldering processes rather than the traditional manual soldering techniques for small- and medium-volume assembly. But when we start to talk about high-temperature electronics it is not just the solder alloy, but all the materials that are used to produce an electronic assembly. Substrates, components, connectors, cables, and solder need to be examined; the needs of the assembly process also require careful consideration.

Often due to the smaller volumes many companies who require high-temperature capability have used manual soldering techniques, particularly for through-hole. Typically, the industries affected by these hostile working conditions include, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, and military.

Laser soldering and robotic iron systems are increasingly being investigated for use in factories and due to the limited availability of information NPL has started looking at the benefits of these techniques.

In line with this, Bob Willis will conduct a webinar, "Laser & Robotic Iron Soldering for Electronics Assembly," January 19 to discuss issues such as the reasons for laser and robotic soldering, equipment considerations, soldering with high-temperature solder alloys, intermetallic formation, impact of ageing, inspection of solder joints, and common process defects.

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