ICD: 5,000 Part Capacitor Library for PDN Planner

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In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd (ICD), Australia, developer of the ICD Stackup and PDN Planner software, has updated the Capacitor Library for its PDN Planner software.

“It is extremely difficult and time-consuming for customers to source capacitor properties such as ESR, ESL and self-resonant frequency,” said Managing Director Barry Olney. “Generally, these properties are not available in component datasheets and so the designer needs to go to the manufacturer’s web site and download their SPICE simulator to extract the data--each capacitor one-by-one. Now it has been all done for them saving days in a typical analysis.”

The Capacitor Library incorporates SMD components from Kemet, Murata, AVX and TDK--featuring ceramic, tantalum and aluminium capacitors for commercial grade, automotive, high temperature and tight tolerance of low to mid voltage. Capacitor footprints range from 0201 to 2917 and also include low inductance reverse geometry parts.

“With this release, we have added another 3,500 capacitors to the PDN library bringing the total to 5,000 readily available capacitors--set for simulation. Each capacitor is checked to ensure it is stocked by global distributors such as Digikey. We focus on speed of analysis, accuracy and ease of use,” said Olney.

The ICD Stackup Planner also has a Dielectric Materials Library of over 8,800 materials including Embedded Capacitor Material (ECM) and Planar Capacitors that may be substituted for standard cores, in the stackup, which lower the AC Impedance of the PDN at high frequencies. This allows the simulation of plane resonance peaks giving a concise graphical view of the entire PDN.

Having a complete range of component models readily available, to choose from, speeds up PDN what-if analysis, allowing the designer to get on with his job and quickly analyze a PDN with a minimum of input.

About In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd

In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd, based in Australia, developer of the ICD Stackup and PDN Planner software, is a PCB Design Service Bureau and specialist in board level simulation. For further information or to download a free evaluation of the software, visit www.icd.com.au.


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