Murrietta Circuits Debuts eSurface Line at Open House

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With over 100 guests present at last week’s open house, Murrietta Circuits unveiled its new eSurface Technology enabled line with startling results. The event, hosted by Murrietta Circuits in coordination with eSurface Technologies, successfully showcased the technology by running boards through its new eSurface-enabled line showing the attendees for the first time circuits boards with 2 mil lines and spaces in just a matter of minutes. To say that the audience was impressed is an understatement; to say that the audience was stunned would be more accurate.

As indicated in the David Martin blog--quoted below--those attending the open house, those seeing the process working, those checking out the end-product were left with the feeling that they were witnessing history being made.

Highlighting eSurface Technology

The first eSurface-certified technology manufacturing line in Southern California

I watched the world see a 150% improvement in the state-of-the-art circuit board technology on Thursday of this past week in Anaheim, CA. The family-owned Murrietta Circuits roll out eSurface technology--the first covalently deposited, light-activated PCB and IC technology platform--and succeeded in producing the first 2 x 2 boards which will fundamentally alter not only board and circuit design, but will transform he way in which we harness power to animate our technologies. There was no fanfare. There was no hype. But in one short week, this little company rolled out a technology based on magnetism and light-the ingredients used by Newton and the greats-to change the world of electronics, manufacturing, security, and energy. Like the popes and bishops in the centuries past, the incumbent orthodoxy wasn’t there to proclaim its arrival as it was asleep in its bloated monotony.”

-- Industry critic and evaluator David Martin via his blog, November 16,  2014.

As company President Andrew Murrietta stated: “We could not be more pleased. The new line functioned perfectly and the product was simply amazing we got great results from the very first try. We are very proud to be an integral part of this new game changing technology.”

Added Vice President of Operations Albert Murrietta, “Because we provide our customers with a completely integrated solution from design to assembly all under one roof we feel that the eSurface process is a perfect addition to that synergistic solution.”

In a separate announcement, Dave Benson, eSurface president and chairman said, “We are honored to be able to license the eSurface Technology to a manufacturer of the quality and high standards of Murrietta Circuits. If we could hand-pick the facility in which we would like to implement our technology, Murrietta would be at the top of that list. We are particularly excited to engage the design expertise of Murrietta to infuse the features and benefits of eSurface into the high-reliability circuit space. Murrietta as a full solution provider in the industry provides a platform to leverage eSurface and to provide Murrietta with a true advantage in the industry.”

About Murrietta Circuits

Murrietta Circuits is a high-reliability, turnkey supplier of electronic manufacturing services. The company was founded in 1980 and specializes in the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of PCBs, with today's most challenging technologies and applications. The company performs all these services under one roof, with one management team, one quality system, one MIS system, and one goal: We will consistently deliver quality products on time with the highest customer service, while continually improving our processes. Murrietta Circuits has the following certifications: ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 Rev. C, MIL-PRF-55110G, MIL-PRF-50884, NADCAP, ITAR Registered, J-STD-001, and UL Listed. Murrietta Circuits is based in Anaheim, California. For more information, visit


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