A Conversation with Andy Michniewicz

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AM: There are few things in the PCB market that we do not offer. Gul offers all of the laminate materials that the marketplace requires, as well as the solder mask (varying colors), legend ink (varying colors), carbon ink, and all of the current surface finishes that have been requested by the clients.

DB: Please discuss your markets worldwide, and talk as much as you can about how much business you are doing in each market. 

AM: Gul is diversified and tries to segment their market share as evenly as possible. As an example, 28% is automotive, 37% is computer and peripherals, 14% is consumer electronics, 5% communication, 9% is networking, and 7% is instrumentation and medical. Our forecasted sales are $293 million in 2014 and increasing in 2015 with the opening of the new plant in Wuxi, in Jiangsu province.

DB: Now, let’s turn to North America. I know that you have a very strong foothold in automotive. Can you talk about that? How long have you been selling to automotive companies? 

AM: Without naming our clients, as I mentioned earlier, 28% of our business is automotive, which we have been successfully serving since 1991. All required certifications have been met by the facilities: ISO 9002/QS9000, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949, ISO 9001, ISO14001, TS16949, QCO8000, and OHSAS18001. The plants also obtained the environmental assessment grade of green, which is rare in the China PCB environment.

DB: Andy, one reason we’re talking today is that you are in the middle of a project to expand to other non-automotive North American markets. Talk about your plans for doing that. 

AM: Gul has contracted an American marketing consulting firm for their expertise in marketing, customer contacts, and ability to locate reps to sell the Gul name and product. We believe that once Gul is used by a client, their satisfaction with the product quality, service, and delivery will keep them coming back.

DB: Let me play devil’s advocate for a second. Why do you think you can address these markets better than local suppliers? What are your advantages?  

AM: The service, technology support, delivery, and flexibility are beyond reproach and Gul does all they can to make the procuring process as easy as possible. The discipline that is required in the automotive industry is evident throughout all of their operations and plants.

DB: Why should American companies buy from Gultech?    

AM: The capacity, flexibility, technology, service I mentioned should be more than enough reasons to buy from Gul Tech. Their ability to communicate is impeccable and their local technical support is a big plus, as you have someone at your disposal 24/7.

DB: That makes sense. I have to agree with you that the domestic suppliers just do not have the bandwidth to address all of the needs of the domestic customers. How are you approaching this project? What steps are you taking to be successful in pursuing your goals? 


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