Electrolube to Present on CC-830 Standard at APEX

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Electrolube's Phil Kinner, Technical Director of International Coatings Division, will use the opportunity offered by the IPC APEX EXPO’s technical conference in California to challenge the relevance of the CC-830 standard. Phil will present a paper entitled "CC-830 versus the Real World", at the APEX EXPO’s Technical Conformal Coating Conference, which takes place in room 1B on Thursday, February 26th, from 9am to 11am at the San Diego Convention Center.

Phil will contend that the industry CC-830 standard is not as relevant today as it was 20 years ago, and will support his argument with slides to show that materials which are CC-830 approved don’t necessarily perform well in a more representative sequential test regime of thermal shock, powered salt-mist, humidity and extended thermal ageing, performed on a newly developed 3D test coupon, containing many of the challenges facing users in the real world.

Phil Kinner said, "CC-830 is a significant improvement on MIL-I-46058C and has served the industry well but times have changed and technology has moved on. New coating materials have become available that don’t fit well with the specification and end-users' needs have become ever more demanding. The purpose of CC-830 is to provide users with a guarantee that they are using a high performance material to minimise the amount of qualification and testing they need to perform. However, as the data in this paper shows, CC-830 approval is no guarantee that the user will achieve success. Electrolube wants to ensure that conformal coating users can manufacture more reliable products for ever more hostile and demanding end-use requirements, and are confident that materials qualified to an industry standard are indeed suitable for their needs."

Electrolube will also be exhibiting at the APEX event on booth 3019, and will have a number of key products on display, including the TFA-US and AFA acrylic conformal coatings, UVCL UV Cure conformal coating and two of Electrolube’s newest two-part epoxy resins for high temperature and high chemical resistance.

As an ISO 14001 qualified manufacturer of specialist chemical products supplying the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic, industrial and domestic devices, Electrolube is a trusted provider of high performance chemical solutions, formulated with the utmost responsibility to the environment and operator. Please visit Electrolube’s website at www.electrolube.com for further information.


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