Companies See Significant Benefit in Nadcap Accreditation

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More than one in five companies pursues Nadcap accreditation to improve quality, according to a recent poll conducted by the Performance Review Institute (PRI). 21% of respondents cited "improving quality" as a key driver behind their decision to obtain Nadcap accreditation, with 19% indicating that they pursued Nadcap accreditation in order to attract new business.

With Nadcap accreditation usually a customer requirement, it is understandable, though, that the majority of respondents (49%) cited "Customer Mandate" as the reason for pursuing Nadcap accreditation. However, the most recent Nadcap Supplier Survey, which had over 2,800 responses, indicated that 86% have experienced significant benefits following accreditation, such as improved customer satisfaction, improved process efficiency, reduced escapes to customers, reduced defect rate, increased revenue growth and improved first time yield.

"I have often said that my vision is that the value of Nadcap accreditation would be such that even if it were not required by the aerospace industry, companies would continue to maintain it," explains Joe Pinto, PRI's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, "so it is encouraging to see that the value of Nadcap is being acknowledged in this way. We are committed to ensuring that Nadcap continues to add value for the industry."

About PRI

Created in 1990 by SAE Inc., PRI is a not-for-profit organization. It exists to advance the interests of the mobility and related industries through the development of audit criteria and administration of quality assurance, accreditation, and certification programs as well as related activities for the benefit of industry, government, and the general public. PRI works closely with industry to understand their emerging needs and offers customized solutions in response. Learn more at or contact PRI at . 


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