Invisible Nanotech Coating Makes Gadgets Water-resistant

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Nanostate-USA is proud to announce the release of Flash Flood, an invisible nanotechnology coating designed to make smartphones, and any electronics, water-resistant.

More than a third of all smartphones are broken in their lifetime. Roughly seventy percent of those losses are due to accidental exposure to water. Flash Flood is deigned to protect electronics from that damage.

Flash Flood is a military-grade, waterproof, nanotechnology coating designed to protect electronics from accidental water exposure. It is a liquid that can be applied, at home, without the use of specialized equipment. When applied to the outside and ports of a smartphone, it can make the smartphone water resistant. It can also be applied to internal components, such as battery terminals and SIM cards, to provide additional protection.

Flash Flood is invisible to the naked eye and does not interfere with charging, sound transmission, or touchscreen sensitivity. It is UV and fingerprint resistant as well. An independent test of Flash Flood has been conducted by CNN and the resulting video can be found here.

Nanostate is a U.K. based manufacturer of multiple nanotechnology coatings. Steve Ashley, the engineer behind Nanostate products, had been working with stone and specialized in water-resistant coatings for stone floorings when he came up with the idea for Flash Flood. After dropping his phone in water, on the job, he thought that there must be a better to protect his phone by developing modified nanotechnology coatings. "My phone was dead. I had forever lost some irreplaceable family pictures, plus the cost of a new phone," says Steve, the founder of Nanostate.

Scott Duryea, owner of Nanostate-USA, the U.S. branch of Nanostate, has a background in capital medical equipment. He specialized in ventilators, sleep technology equipment, and emergency oxygen systems. "I have experienced many equipment failures due to the extreme humidity we have in Florida. My goal was to find a way for people to be able to protect what they already own, without having to buy new devices. That was when I came across Nanostate," says Scott.

Flash Flood, and other Nanostate products, can be found at The products will soon be available at various retailers and offered as a service at local repair shops.


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