EIPC Speednews: News from the European PCB Industry

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News from Germany

- SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015

News from the UK

- Only Three Weeks to RaMP 2015

- ICT Annual Symposium, June 2015

News from the USA

- Controlled Impedance: A Real-World Look at the PCB Side

- Electronics Industry upgrades its technology at IPC APEX EXPO 2015

- Your Participation Needed in IPC Military Lead-free Survey

- Rogers' High-Temperature LCP Laminates Ease the Construction of High-Frequency, High-speed Multilayer Circuit Boards

Printed Electronics News

- IDTechEx Reveal Crossover Motorcycles in New Multi-Billion Dollar Market

- Progress in flexible non-contact sensing matrix devices

- Finding an affordable way to use graphene is the key to its success

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Suggested Items

The PCB Norsemen: Industry 4.0, AI and CircuitData

11/14/2017 | Andreas Lydersen, ELMATICA
As automation works its way onto the shop floors, it still struggles to replace humans in the supporting roles, such as designers, purchasers, brokers, and back-office staff. Where automation on the shop floor replaces humans in doing repetitive manual tasks, the supporting roles (at least some of them) require intelligence to understand and utilise information.

Groundbreaking Developments at liloTree

11/09/2017 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
I was introduced to liloTree and Chief Scientist Kunal Shah by Joe Fjelstad. It seems this small company (with Intel as part of its pedigree) has developed a novel ENIG process that just may shake up the regular chemistry suppliers. This new process is described as cost-effective and ecofriendly while completely eliminating black pad and brittle solder joints.

Leveraging Industry Shows to Create a Presence

11/07/2017 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
At the recent SMTA International show in Rosemont, Illinois, I had an opportunity to meet with Mark Osborn, president and owner of Colonial Circuits, based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Colonial Circuits is a supplier of PCBs, mainly for the defense industry.

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