EIPC Speednews: News from the European PCB Industry

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News from Germany

- SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015

News from the UK

- Only Three Weeks to RaMP 2015

- ICT Annual Symposium, June 2015

News from the USA

- Controlled Impedance: A Real-World Look at the PCB Side

- Electronics Industry upgrades its technology at IPC APEX EXPO 2015

- Your Participation Needed in IPC Military Lead-free Survey

- Rogers' High-Temperature LCP Laminates Ease the Construction of High-Frequency, High-speed Multilayer Circuit Boards

Printed Electronics News

- IDTechEx Reveal Crossover Motorcycles in New Multi-Billion Dollar Market

- Progress in flexible non-contact sensing matrix devices

- Finding an affordable way to use graphene is the key to its success

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Cerambus Discusses the Next Generation in PCB Plating

07/12/2018 | Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
Cerambus Technology Inc. President John Nash sat down with I-Connect007 for a discussion on the latest developments in plating technology, challenges and opportunities in the China market, and their strategy for sustaining growth in a highly competitive industry.

EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference

07/16/2018 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
As the 2018 EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference came to a close in Dusseldorf, Germany, Barry Matties met with Chairman Alun Morgan to look back at how far the EIPC has come in the past 50 years and say goodbye to Michael Weinhold, longtime director and industry veteran, who announced his retirement at this year’s event.

Michael Weinhold: Time to Say Goodbye

07/11/2018 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
This year’s EIPC summer conference marked the 50th anniversary for the organization, and with it, the retirement of longtime EIPC member and industry leader Michael Weinhold. I spoke with Michael on his 50+ years in the industry, and on behalf of everyone at I-Connect007, we wish Michael a pleasant retirement and the best going forward.

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