EIPC Speednews: News from the European PCB Industry

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News from Germany

- SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015

News from the UK

- Only Three Weeks to RaMP 2015

- ICT Annual Symposium, June 2015

News from the USA

- Controlled Impedance: A Real-World Look at the PCB Side

- Electronics Industry upgrades its technology at IPC APEX EXPO 2015

- Your Participation Needed in IPC Military Lead-free Survey

- Rogers' High-Temperature LCP Laminates Ease the Construction of High-Frequency, High-speed Multilayer Circuit Boards

Printed Electronics News

- IDTechEx Reveal Crossover Motorcycles in New Multi-Billion Dollar Market

- Progress in flexible non-contact sensing matrix devices

- Finding an affordable way to use graphene is the key to its success

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Defense Speak Interpreted: Defense Electronic Supply Chain Issues

10/09/2018 | Dennis Fritz, Fritz Consulting
On October 5, 2018, the Department of Defense (DoD) highlighted issues with the release of the 146-page report “Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States” from President Donald J. Trump.

Calumet Electronics on IMPACT 2018

08/14/2018 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
This year at IMPACT Washington, DC, I-Connect007's Patty Goldman sat down with Steve Vairo and Mike Kadlec of Calumet Electronics, to get their overview on the event.

MacDermid Enthone Talks Wet Processing Trends in 2018

07/24/2018 | I-Connect007
I-Connect007’s Patty Goldman, Barry Matties, Andy Shaughnessy, and Happy Holden were recently joined by MacDermid Enthone team members Jordan Kologe, technical marketing specialist; Ted Antonellis, applications manager for electronics specialties; and Don Cullen, marketing director for electronics solutions and MacDermid performance solutions. The discussion topic was the wet processing end of PCB manufacturing.

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