Wearable Devices Set to Realize Big Promise

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Wearable devices come in a wide range of forms, including devices for the medical and gaming fields, as well as those for everyday use. The development of wearable tech is transforming daily living. Some wearable devices have roughly the same capability as a typical desktop computer. Sophisticated wearable devices can be used for surveillance, monitoring and analysis of data captured by sensors.

Wearable devices are becoming hugely popular. With wearable tech, people enjoy a more intelligent lifestyle: personally and professionally.  Wearable tech has benefits for mobile health care and fitness, among other areas. Alongside the wearable tech momentum, the fields of MCU, MEMS, wireless communication chips, power management, display modules, wireless power, micro-projector design, FPC assembly and other applications are new battlefields where challenges have to be addressed.

With the highlight of wearable devices and rising industry focus, Reed Exhibitions will work with Shenzhen Emtrain and 51wearable.com to launch a smart wearable forum as a side event to NEPCON China 2015. The forum will explore wearable market momentum, including key component assembly, system design strategies, electronic assembly solutions, and finished product assembly. Case studies will facilitate deeper understanding of overall smart wearable assembly solutions. 

The forum is expected to bring together engineers, assembly technicians, R&D managers, product managers and senior management from smartphone, smart TV, smart wearable, telecommunication and other consumer electronics sectors. Other participants will be from the fields of turnkey chips, processors, MEMS, voice commands, power management, internet and cloud players, wireless technology, modular providers, display and consumer terminals.

Hot topics at the forum:

  1. FPC micro-assembly processes, particularly those involving wearable devices;
  2. Micro-component FC and COB processes, particularly those involving wearable devices;
  3. Current status and challenges of electronic assembly of wearable devices;
  4. Wireless power and smart watch design;
  5. MEMS/sensor technology in wearable devices;
  6. MCU low-power design considerations;
  7. Key component and system design considerations for wearable devices;
  8. Current status, application scope, and key challenges of wearable tech; and,
  9. Low power wireless communication and wearable device design considerations

Wearable tech has huge potential. Traditional industry players with strong business acumen are moving into this fast-emerging market. Wearable technology offers a key path of innovation.  The challenge is to materialize promise and make wearable devices meet the real-use needs of end users. Keynote speakers from GN Netcom, Quanta Computer, Bosch, Meddle, Synaptic, In genic Beijing, and Epicure Microelectronics await you at Conference Room 8 of Shanghai Expo Center on 22 April for lively and informative discussion.

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