Eric Bogatin Teaches S-Parameters for the First Time in Scandinavia

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Eric Bogatin helps celebrate 70 years of S-Parameters by giving a rare public class in Copenhagen. S-Parameters are staring to become a required skill for digital design engineers.

S-Parameters were invented 70 years ago in 1945. A way of celebrating this is to learn to actually use S-Parameters for real. For many digital design engineers this is now a required skill. Traditionally S-Parameters have been used mostly by RF and analog design engineers, but as speed increases in digital systems the two sides meet here.

”S-Parameters have become the defacto standard to characterize the electrical properties of interconnects, yet 99% of engineers really have no clue what they mean,” as Eric Bogatin explains. Eric is one of the leading experts teaching S-Parameters as an integral part of signal integrity.

In June, Eric Bogatin will be in Copenhagen to help engineers join the 1% group. The 1% who really understand how to use S-Parameters to solve day to day design problems. “This is our - maybe nerdy - way of celebrating Vitold Belevitch’s invention: The S-Parameters 70 years ago,” explains Rolf Ostergaard of EE-Training.

First course in the Nordic Region

At the course on June 8-9th, engineers can learn this directly from Eric Bogatin in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the first time in the Nordic and one of the first courses Eric Bogatin is giving after several years of no public training.

The course will give the participants a jump start with the skills to see all the hidden secrets locked within the S-parameter information. Eric Bogatin strips away the complicated math to reveal the essential principles. It’s like opening the lid to the black box and exploring how to data mine the wealth of information you will find within.

While traditionally, S-parameters are about how sine waves interact with an interconnect, this basic formalism is expanded to include the time domain and both single-ended and differential interconnects as well as from measurements and simulations.

Also many consistency tests everyone should perform on all S-parameter data are covered. As always, it’s good to double check on how reasonable the results are.

After this class, all participants will be part of the 1% and never again be intimidated by S-parameters.

About Eric Bogatin

Eric Bogatin is the author of the book Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified. Today he runs Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Bogatin received his BS in physics from MIT and MS and PhD in physics from the University of Arizona in Tucson. He has held senior engineering and management positions at Bell Labs, Raychem, Sun Microsystems, Ansoft and Interconnect Devices. He has written six technical books in the field and presented classes and lectures on signal integrity worldwide.


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