AT&S China Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

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AT&S, one of the global leading manufacturers of high-end HDI printed circuit boards (PCBs), has established a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in China. The company actively contributes to the society and strives to be an outstanding corporate citizen.

On 5 July 2015, volunteers of AT&S Chongqing visited Changxin Elementary School, where is located in Tongnan country of Chongqing city – one of the poorest areas in the southwest of China, provided supports on life and educational supplies.  The hand-over ceremony was witnessed by all students, AT&S volunteers and officials from Tongnan country.

“The children were encouraged when we paid a visit on them.  They were all happy about our greetings.  This goes to show that sometimes it only takes little things to make others smile and brighten up their everyday life,” said Chen Jiang Phua, AT&S CEO BU Mobile Devices & Substrates.  “We are proud of our dedication to responsible corporate citizenship.”

According to Mr. Phua, employee volunteering service and knowledge-related promotion of school classes is a central element of the company’s responsibility in China.

Through the site in Chongqing, the company in cooperation with the authorities has had opportunity to actively design contests to raise environmental awareness since 2014. The Shanghai site also shows its commitment to supporting youth education and “we care about people”. AT&S Cup was first launched in Shanghai in 2006. By joining hands with Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, the event has played a key role in nurturing the children’s life-long interest in environmental related topics. In 2015, AT&S Cup – Shanghai Youth Bilingual Presentation Contest kicked off in July. The final session and award ceremony is scheduled in November 2015. Besides, employees of the Shanghai site periodically visited senior citizen’s home in Zhuanqiao, Xinzhuang Industrial Park. The people always spent fun time with volunteers in chatting, photographing or a specially prepared singing and dance performance.


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