NPL Schedules November Webinars

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The National Physical Laboratory's (NPL) Electronic Interconnection Group is presenting a new series of technical webinars in November.

On November 16 (14:30 UK time), Ling Zou of NPL will discuss how to avoid conductive anodic filament (CAF) failures. Apart from defining what CAF is and how failure occurs, the webinar will also talk about testing techniques and performance; failure modes; design and its impact on CAF; and the latest research work on CAF.

Dr. Chris Hunt of NPL, meanwhile, will hold a webinar on measuring coating protection performance under condensing conditions on November 26 (14:30 UK time). He will also highlight a new test being used to characterize coatings.

These webinars will run for between 45-60 min with question and answer session. The webinars are limited to 100 delegates/companies. A copy of each of the slides presented and links to NPL reports will be provided after the webinar. 

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