American Standard Circuits Adds Orbotech Advanced PCB Solutions to Increase Quality and Production Throughput

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ORBOTECH LTD announced today that American Standard Circuits (ASC), a US-based manufacturer of complete advanced circuit board solutions, has successfully integrated Orbotech’s Paragon 9800 Laser Direct Imaging system, Sprint 120 Inkjet legend printer, and a complete Frontline InPlan and InSolver (Impedance Solver) preproduction Engineering  solutions  into its Chicago production facility.  

The new systems are expected to significantly increase productivity and product quality at ASC’s production facility.  

  • The Paragon 9800 Laser Direct Imaging PCB production system delivers high throughput, accurate registration and superior image quality for ASC’s HDI, flex, rigid-flex and solder mask applications.   
  • The Sprint 120 Inkjet Printer increases performance, flexibility and cost savings for ASC’s PCB legend printing operations.   
  • The complete Engineering suite from Frontline, which supports full pre-production automation, enables ASC to develop reliable manufacturing and testing tools that communicate directly to PCB designers and manufacturing machinery, ensuring ASC total control of its processes while lowering its bottom line costs. 

“Our strategy is to provide all of our customers the very best PCB products on the market today” said Anaya Vardya, ASC’s CEO.  “Whether that be RF or metal backed boards, Flex and Rigid Flex boards or high density PCBs we are in the business of giving our customers the very best so that they can be the very best. On the same token we consider Orbotech to be the very best at what they do and that’s why we have purchased their solutions and extended our long term partnership with them.”

“We are confident that our best-in-class systems and solutions will make ASC’s production process even more efficient, especially when combined with the Orbotech products that are already in place” said Hadar Himmelman, President of Orbotech West.


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