Insulectro Taps Industry Veteran Norm Berry as Director of Laminates and OEM Marketing

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Insulectro, a leading distributor of materials for use in the printed circuit board and printed electronics industries, has announced the promotion of industry veteran Norm Berry to Director of Laminates and OEM Marketing in the Sales and Marketing Group. Berry has been a long-time product manager at Insulectro.

“2015 was a strong year for us in the PCB side of our business especially in our laminates business,” said Ken Parent, Insulectro Vice President of Sales and Product Management. “I am excited to announce Norm Berry’s promotion to a new position that will leverage his vast knowledge of laminates, especially in the High Speed Digital and High Density Interconnect segments.

“For 16 years, Norm has been the go-to guy for our customers and OEMs on anything Isola. As Director of Laminates and OEM Marketing, Norm will be able to apply his knowledge and skills to our entire laminate portfolio which includes materials from DuPont as well as Isola. Norm will guide Insulectro sales and OEM Marketing efforts as new products are introduced into the Rigid PCB markets,” Parent continued.

Berry joined Insulectro in 1999. He was formerly a partner with MidLantic and began selling Isola products when the company was called Allied-Signal. Holding various positions at Insulectro over the years, Berry is a respected throughout the industry by fabricators for being able to match up the best product for the need.

 Insulectro President Patrick Redfern added, “Norm is a superstar at Insulectro. He’s always quick to respond to our customers and he gets the job done. Whenever someone faces a challenge with laminate, Norm’s the guy who will bring solutions. I am pleased to see Norm take an expanded role with our company in this critical new position.”

About Insulectro

Insulectro is the leading supplier of materials used to manufacture circuit boards and printed electronics. Insulectro combines its premier product offering with local inventory in strategic stocking locations across the country, fabrication capabilities and backed up by expert customer and technical support services.

Insulectro supplies advanced engineered materials manufactured by DuPont Microcircuit Materials, DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials, Isola, LCOA®, CAC, Inc., Integral Technology, Pacothane, Oak-Mitsui, Shikoku, and Focus Tech.


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