ITL Virginia Supports US Growth for Endomag

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ITL Virginia Inc., the US subsidiary of Integrated Technologies Ltd, will be supporting the North American roll-out of the Sentimag system following Endomag’s signing of a major distribution deal. This will include US-based product maintenance, support and servicing training and may eventually extend to manufacturing.

Long-standing ITL client, Endomag, recently signed a distribution deal with Leica Biosystems to bring the Sentimag magnetic surgical guidance system to the US and Canada.

The Sentimag system and its implantable magnetic seed, Magseed, guide surgeons to cancerous lesions easily and do not require the use of traditional surgical needle wires or radioactive seeds. Similarly, the Sentimag system and its injectable iron solution, Sienna, is a replacement for the radioactive tracer and blue dye traditionally used in sentinel lymph node biopsies.

The Sentimag/Magseed system is approved in the U.S. with Sentimag having received its CE mark approval in 2010. Sentimag has already been used in over 14,000 breast care procedures across Europe with Sienna.

Thomas Jull, vice president of ITL VA, said, "This first step signals a triumph for ITL VA. Back in 2008, ITL helped develop Sentimag in a collaborative R&D project at our UK facility and we have worked with them ever since. This transatlantic deal highlights Endomag’s commitment to expanding their reach with the support and expertise of ITL."

"The Sentimag system is revolutionary – a US and Canadian distribution deal opens completely new possibilities for patients to benefit from this technology. This is exactly why we decided to open a US office three years ago, to better support our international customer-base. This deal supports our vision to provide a complete service on both sides of the pond."

Dr. Eric Mayes, CEO of Endomag, said: "The design and manufacturing support that we have received from ITL to date has been fundamental to the success of our business and we are delighted to have them supporting us as we take our next big step into the US market."

ITL began operating from Richmond, Virginia in May 2013 and has been evolving ever since. Initially providing servicing and aftersales support for products manufactured by ITL in the UK and sold in to the US market, the Virginia facility is now working towards providing a domestic contract manufacturing service. It also provides a route to market for companies looking to break in to the US medical device market and acts as a sales office for ITL’s own brand of laboratory products, Vitl Life Science Solutions.

About Integrated Technologies Ltd (ITL)

ITL is the trusted design and manufacturing partner for leading life-saving medical technology, diagnostic devices and analytical instruments

Integrated Technologies Ltd provide a full service solution, taking our clients projects from conceptualisation and product development right through to full scale manufacturing and aftersales support.

Working with the ITL Group gives you the ability to focus on your core business whilst we take care of as much of the supply chain as you need.

They work with start-ups, spin-outs and established companies at various stages of the product development lifecycle and have facilities in the UK, China and the USA.

They are small enough to be flexible and personal whilst being big enough to cope with global projects across the entire product development lifecycle.

As well as offering subcontract medical device design and manufacturing, ITL also designs, manufactures and sells its own brand of laboratory equipment: Vitl Life Science Solutions.

About Endomag

Around the world the incidence of cancer is growing, and with it the demand for better, faster and less expensive solutions for diagnosis and treatment. With the aim of bringing cancer care to everyone, everywhere, Endomag is developing a clinical platform that uses safe magnetic fields to power diagnostic and therapeutic devices, avoiding the safety, workflow and availability concerns of ionizing radiation.

Without changing clinical procedures or outcomes, Endomag’s products put the surgeon in control and enhance the patient experience, saving time and money in hospitals across the world by improving workflow and efficiency.

Endomag was founded in 2007 as a spin-out from the University College London (UCL) and the University of Houston. The company is currently selling products across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, The US, Canada and Australasia and is seeking marketing authorisation in other countries to deliver its technology to global markets.


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