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3D Printing Applications for Healthcare Will Transform Medical Devices and Pharma Industries
3D printing technology is the ideal solution for the healthcare industry’s need for the efficient production of complex and personalized products. A large number of market majors have shown deep interest in adopting 3D printing for its ability to customize drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and medical devices, driving an era of personalized medicine.

Robotics Epicenter Shifts from Japan to the United States in the Global Healthcare Industry
The pressing need to streamline workflows, improve the quality of healthcare, and provide round-the-clock monitoring for the growing population of elderly and disabled patients is driving the global care assistant robots market.

E-Skin Ushers in the Next Era of Smart Technologies
As a wearable, ultra-thin, flexible device, electronic skin (e-skin) involves the convergence of several technologies such as microelectronics, sensors, materials and ICT. E-skin is rapidly establishing its immense utility in the healthcare industry for monitoring and medical applications such as measuring and sensing anatomical activities.

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