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Help Wanted: PCB Design Layout Specialist
I was told recently that the designer, aka the PCB layout specialist, is a dying breed soon to be extinct. I wish to reassure my fellow designers that, in my opinion, you are in the catbird seat. You are in hot demand and you should have great opportunities for the remainder of your career. By the way, after reading this article, you may feel empowered to go ask for a raise. Please don’t tell your manager that I sent you!


The Shaughnessy Report: Who Are the Next-Gen Designers?
When was the last time you met a young PCB designer? I meet two or three young designers each year, but then again, I’m actively looking for them, like Sherlock Holmes on the trail of an elusive suspect. And young designers are hot property. Find a young designer at a trade show or conference today and you’ll usually find a crowd of designers peppering him (or her, in one recent case) with questions. “Where do you work? What tools do you use? What courses are you taking here?"

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An Owner’s Positive Take on IMPACT 2018: American Standard Circuits’ Founder & Chairman Gordhan Patel
During a full day at IMPACT 2018, I had a chance to speak with American Standard Circuits’ founder and chairman Gordhan Patel. We had much to talk about after listening to several speakers from the departments of Defense and Education, and the International Trade Administration.


Advanced Copper Plating Process for Any Layer Via Fill Applications with Thin Surface Copper
Copper-filled microvias are a key technology in HDI designs that have enabled increasing miniaturization and densification of printed circuit boards for the next generation of electronic products. Compared with standard PTHs, copper-filled vias provide greater design flexibility, improved signal performance, and can potentially help reduce layer count, thus reducing cost.


Design News & Additional Information

It’s Only Common Sense: Random Acts of Kindness—Getting Caught Doing the Right Thing
Have you ever had the driver in front of you at the toll booth pay your toll or the person ahead of you in the fast food line pay for your order? Has your neighbor ever cleared the snow on your sidewalk or driveway? Has the mechanic servicing your car ever filled up your tires with air?

Now Available: The August 2018 Issue of PCB007 Magazine
Electronics are no longer an occasional luxury, they are an integral and constant part of our daily lives, from automotive, medical and aerospace electronics to cellphones and alarm systems. Reliability has become ever more critical, and our industry wants to deliver.

Former President & CEO John Olson of Whelen Engineering Passes Away
John F. Olson, Whelen Engineering executive vice president and former president and CEO known for his unprecedented impact on the emergency warning industry, passed away Thursday at the age of 83.

Blackfox Training Institute Expands Partnership with Wizlogix
Blackfox Training Institute has partnered with Singaporean firm Wizlogix, a provider of PCB design, fabrication and assembly services, to establish Singapore’s only IPC Training Center. This new center in Singapore offers the same IPC Certifications as offered in the Longmont, Colorado headquarters.

Irridian Invests in New Printed Circuit Board Design Software Suites
Recently acquired by Hindley Circuits, Irridian Industrial Electronics, has invested in introducing state-of-the-art PCB design software to significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of its design services.

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