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September 2014

Data Formats

For years, designers used Gerber, and that was that. Then came ODB++, and the race was on. Contributors Karel Tavernier, Julian Coates, Amit Bahl, and Hemant Shah update us on the latest in data transfer formats.

December 2012

Routing and Placement

There are almost as many placement and routing methods as there are PCB designers. If you're in a routing rut, this issue of The PCB Design Magazine has the solution!

March 2016

Strategies to Increase Profit

Designers have a plethora of ideas about how to best layout a PCB. But how many designers understand that good design techniques can lead their company to greater success, and even profit? 

October 2014

Signal Integrity

Gone are the days when signal integrity was just a problem for the EE; if you don’t already have signal integrity problems, you certainly will. Yuriy Shlepnev and Barry Olney offer some of the latest SI tips, tricks and techniques for achieving signal integrity.

November 2012

High-Speed Design

Welcome to the premier issue of The PCB Design Magazine! The first edition of this one-of-a-kind magazine explores high-speed design issues with feature articles by Lee Ritchey, Happy Holden, and John Levreault.

April 2016

PCB Designers and Design Engineers

Some PCB designers say that working with their design engineers is one of their biggest hurdles. Others say it all comes down to a lack of communication.

November 2014

Outsourcing Design

Outsourcing isn’t always a dirty word, especially if your design team faces a project that’s beyond their bandwidth. Learn how to be prepared to outsource your designs.

January 2015

What's Ahead for 2015?

Happy New Year! This month, our experts take a look forward at what's in store for the upcoming year in PCB design. Also included: a look back at some industry trends from the early days!

May 2016

EDA Tools: Automation or Control?

PCB designers get downright exorcised about their EDA tools. One point of contention has to do with automation itself: How much is too much? Some designers prefer manual control—not just for routing, but for much of the layout. Others want as much automation and horsepower as they can get. Herein lies the fork in the road...

December 2014


HDI is here, bringing a whole host of benefits, as well as potential challenges. Find tips on designing reliable HDI PCBs from industry experts in this issue!

February 2015

High-Speed Design

This month, we focus on high-speed design techniques, with articles from our contributors Kirk Fabbri, Barry Olney, Istvan Novak, Martyn Gaudion, John Coonrod, and Bob Tarzwell and Dan Beaulieu.

June 2016

Designing with Tighter Tolerances

Ever since the first PCBs were designed, spaces, traces, and features have been shrinking at an almost exponential rate, along with available board real estate. For some designers, what was formerly a jigsaw puzzle has become a logistical nightmare.

December 2013

Power Integrity

This month, our experts take an in-depth look at power integrity analysis, and they address many common PI challenges and solutions. Don’t fight the power—control it!

March 2015

Design for Manufacturability

As the speed of electronic devices continues to increase, so does the cost of re-spins, making good DFM practices more important than ever. Catching problems at the design stage can save weeks of wasted time, not to mention thousands of dollars. This month, we focus on design for manufacturability techniques and processes.

July 2016

The Signal Integrity Issue

As the not-so-old saying goes, “If you don’t have signal integrity issues yet, you will.” This month we bring you a variety of SI articles and a great interview with John Bushie of American Standard Circuits.

November 2013

Qualifying Your Fabricator

There are plenty of good fabricators vying for your business. How do you determine the best for your needs? Our expert contributors discuss the best methods for qualifying your next fabricator.

April 2015

Surface Finishes

For years, hot air solder leveling was the predominant surface finish in the PCB industry. But now, there’s a veritable alphabet soup of available surface finishes, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. This month, we focus on the latest in PCB surface finishes...and more!

August 2016

Voices of the Industry

This month, we’ve turned the spotlight on our readers with our special edition, 'Voices of the Industry.' We asked for your thoughts on PCB design and the electronics industry, and—as usual—you weren’t shy about telling us exactly what you think.

October 2013

Design for Assembly

In the rush of meeting deadlines, it’s easy for PCB designers and design engineers to overlook issues related to assembly. This month, our veteran contributors cover the whole process and offer valuable tips!

May 2015

Controlled Impedance

Controlled impedance PCBs are becoming more common now, especially in high-speed applications. Designing these boards can be particularly challenging. This month our expert contributors focus on the ins and outs of controlled impedance design.

September 2016


As Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary, NASA prepares to map out the rest of the universe, known and unknown. This month, we feature interviews with two veteran PCB designers with spacecraft project experience.

September 2013


Madonna was right: It’s a material world! This month, we explore the latest and greatest PCB materials and processes with articles from Sanmina, Ohmega Technologies, PWB Inc., Rogers Corporation, and more.

June 2015

IPC-A-610 Update

IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies is the most widely used IPC standard. This month our expert contributors Teresa Rowe of IPC and Leo Lambert of EPTAC discuss the latest updates to this document, what they mean to product developers, and the various steps in the revision process itself.

October 2016

Leadership by Design

What does leadership mean to you? This month, we focus on leadership, and the difference between a good manager and a great leader.

January 2014

A Look at 2014

What did we learn from the past year? What does 2014 hold for PCB technology and design processes? If it’s anything like 2013, this year may be a wild ride.

August 2013

Signal Integrity

It’s not a question of if you’ll encounter signal integrity problems, it’s a question of when. The industry’s top SI experts weigh in with the latest tips, tricks and techniques for achieving signal integrity.

July 2015

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one aspect of the design world that often takes a back seat to the latest PCB design tricks and techniques. This month, our cover story by David Ledger-Thomas and our interviews with Gary Ferrari of FTG and John Pavlak of Rogers Corporation discuss supply chain management from the PCB designer’s view.

November 2016


Time after time, we’ve heard about issues that continue to challenge readers like you, and some of the most often cited problem areas are related to vias. Whether blind, buried, microvias, thermal vias, landless or back-drilled, vias are a big problem...

February 2014

High-Speed Design

How fast is fast? What is the state-of-the-art for high-speed PCB design, and what does this mean to you? This month, our expert authors and columnists take an in-depth look at design on the bleeding edge.

July 2013

Design for Profitability

We have become a “design for” industry: Design for manufacturing, design for test, design for assembly, ad infinitum. In this issue, we explain how proper DFP techniques affect the bottom line.

August 2015

The War on Process Failure

Attention! PCB designers are in a veritable war zone, day in and day out. Our cover story is an interview with two “soldiers” in this war on failure, Kelly Dack and Mark Thompson of Prototron. Don't miss the columns by Paul Reid and Tim Haag, as well as an interview with Per Viklund and Alex Caravajal of Mentor Graphics.

December 2016

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing in the PCB industry used to be fairly simple. Then came the Internet, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. What approaches should you use?

March 2014


What’s the best approach to ensuring your fabricator builds the board exactly the way you intend? Find out in this issue of The PCB Design Magazine!

June 2013

Flexible Designs

Flexible Circuits: Once considered too costly for most applications, flex circuits can now be found in everything from printers to digital cameras. In our June issue flex contributors offer a variety of flex design tips and techniques.

September 2015

Cars: A Driving Force in the Electronics Industry

Cars now have exponentially more electronic features than a decade ago with automotive electronics is one of the “driving” forces in electronics design & mfg. We have articles from Continental Automotive Sys.,  DfR Solutions, and Mentor Graphics.

January 2017

Design for Manufacturing

PCB designers have been focusing on good DFM practices for decades now. But many fabricators still see many of the same old design mistakes and miscues, not to mention a few new ones. What’s going on?

April 2014


The PCB design community seems to foster more than its fair share of myths. This month, we take mythbusting to another level! Put on your safety goggles and take cover!

May 2013

HDI: It's a Small World Afterall!

How does the ever-advancing HDI technology affect the job of the PCB designer? In the May issue our contributors lay out the best ways for designers to "get small."

October 2015

Accelerating the PCB Design Cycle

As board speeds and densities continue to increase, it’s becoming more difficult for PCB designers to shorten their design cycles and meet time-to-market demands.

February 2017

New Technology

Technological innovations have been coming at us so fast that it’s often difficult to keep track of them.

May 2014

Design for Manufacturing

This month, our experts discuss what it takes to have good DFM practices, and why communication with your fabricator is so critical.

April 2013


This month, we tackle the challenges of achieving EMC, and discuss some proven methods for minimizing EMI transmissions.

November 2015

Managing Your Design Data

Designers like you are more productive than ever before, but you’re also juggling more data, in more formats, than you ever could have imagined. This month we bring you a variety of interviews focused on Design Data Management.

March 2017

Designing Flex

It wasn’t that long ago that flex and rigid-flex were considered expensive specialty circuits. But times have changed, and flex circuits are now found in most of our personal electronic devices.

June 2014

Designing Flex Circuits

Flexible circuits seem to be finding their way into all of our electronic devices. This month, our expert contributors explain why flexible circuits offer a great way forward for many applications—that is, if you know what you’re doing.

March 2013

Design for Manufacturing

This month, our expert contributors discuss many of the DFM challenges they see with incoming PCB designs, and present a variety of options for ensuring manufacturability.

December 2015

Inside the IPC Designers Council

The Designers Council has chapters around the world, with thousands of members. This month, we bring you interviews with some of the people who helped make the Designers Council what it is today: Gary Ferrari, Anne Marie Mulvihill, Rick Hartley, Mike Creeden, and Scott McCurdy.

April 2017

High-Speed Materials

Choosing the right material for your PCB was so simple a few decades ago. But today, designers often must select an advanced low-loss PCB material with low Df and Dk values—hopefully one that isn’t prohibitively expensive or terribly difficult for fabricators to register during lamination.

August 2014


Every material poses a different challenge to PCB designers trying to stay ahead of the technology curve. This month, our expert contributors explain how to make the best choices in this material world.

February 2013

Simulation and Analysis

This month, our veteran contributors discuss a variety of simulation techniques that can help you save time and avoid costly re-spins.

January 2016

Medical Electronics

This month, we bring you interviews with some of the movers and shakers in the world of medical PCB design and manufacturing: Kenneth MacCallum of StarFish Medical, Anaya Vardya of American Standard Circuits, and Amir Davoud of Innovative Circuits, Inc.

July 2014

Concurrent Collaboration

More and more PCB designers are members, or  leaders, of design teams, some located across a variety of  geographic regions. Our experts explain the benefits of concurrent design and how to implement team design.

January 2013

Data Transfer Formats

Data Transfer Formats: Sure, most designs are still output in Gerber, but ODB++ and IPC-2581 are gaining ground. What are the pros and cons of these three formats? We examine these formats in depth.

February 2016

What's New in PCB Design?

What’s new in PCB design, and where is the industry headed? If you’ve been asking yourself the same question, you’ve come to the right place.

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