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 This Week's Feature

Quiet Power: Causal Power Plane Models
Causal and frequency-dependent models and simulations are important for today’s high-speed signal integrity simulations. But are causal models also necessary for power integrity simulations? When we do signal integrity eye diagram simulations, we define the source signals, so if we use the correct causal models for the passive channel, we will get the correct waveforms and eye reduction due to distortions on the main path and noise contributions from the coupling paths. Istvan Novak explains.

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  Featured Articles

Institute of Circuit Technology Harrogate Seminar 2017
A return to the historic spa town of Harrogate in Yorkshire, England for the Institute of Circuit Technology Northern Seminar, to enjoy a diverse programme of presentations on safety standards, research in selective metal deposition, and developments in imaging and inspection techniques.

Lee Ritchey On the Future of PCB Design
I spoke with long-time PCB design instructor and Right the First Time author Lee Ritchey during the recent AltiumLive event in Germany. Lee and I discussed everything from the advice he offers to young PCB designers to his thoughts on where the industry is going and what’s missing from today’s electrical engineering curriculum.

Viking: Covering the Globe with Value-Added Services
In the final hours of productronica 2017, Barry Matties met with Jake Kelly of Viking to discuss the company’s value-added services, their growth in the India and America markets, and the UCE manufactured line they displayed at productronica.

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  Military and Aerospace News

BAE Systems Gifts Electronic Warfare Artifacts to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
The Primed Oscillator Expendable Transponder (POET), the AN/ALE-55 Fiber-Optic Towed Decoy, and Hot Brick - these three products led us to the electronic warfare technologies we have today.

NASA Explores Artificial Intelligence for Space Communications
NASA spacecraft typically rely on human-controlled radio systems to communicate with Earth. As collection of space data increases, NASA looks to cognitive radio, the infusion of artificial intelligence into space communications networks, to meet demand and increase efficiency.

Lockheed Martin Continues to Strengthen Weather Forecasting with Second Next-Gen Weather Satellite
Timely and accurate weather forecasts can directly affect public safety and protection of property; and the next satellite in the NOAA GOES-R Series will continue to provide more data for sharper, more detailed views of weather systems.

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  Medical Electronics News

Plasmonic Biosensors Enable Development of New Easy-To-Use Health Tests
A biosensor developed at Aalto University enables creating a range of new health tests similar to home pregnancy tests.

Smartphone Case Offers Blood Glucose Monitoring on the Go
Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a smartphone case and app that could make it easier for patients to record and track their blood glucose readings, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Smart Hospitals to Invest over $11 billion in Cloud Computing and Data Analytics
By 2025, 10% of hospitals across the globe will become or will have started implementations to become smart hospitals.

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