GTX Corp 4G LTE SmartSoles Gaining Interest

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GTX Corp, a pioneer in the field of health & safety wearable GPS human and asset tracking systems and personal protective medical equipment, announced it has begun taking pre-orders as field testing its new 4G LTE MB IoT GPS SmartSoles commences.

“Our new 4G model has been completely re-engineered in the U.S. from the ground floor up, including a new custom designed board and antennae, a more powerful and longer lasting battery, enhanced firmware and a super slim, low profile military grade encapsulation,” stated Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp CEO.

The global wearable medical device market is expected to reach $9.4 billion by 2022 and with approximately 10 percent of the 70 million plus population over the age of 65 that will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just in the United States alone, not to mention the need for contact tracing solutions due to COVID-19, there is a pent up demand for discrete, non-invasive tracking wearable technology, which sits at the center of GTX’s core technology platform.

The new design has been in development for nearly nine months, with some of the best engineers in the industry collaborating on the design and component selection, making this version the company’s most advanced product yet. Besides having been completely designed in the U.S. and assembled in the U.S., the Company is also exploring manufacturing the electronics in the U.S. in anticipation of future supply chain delays, tariffs and possible embargos coming out of China.

“A 100% Made in the U.S. product is expected to have much broader appeal to our government agency customers, International distributors and wireless partners, as it should mitigate potential problems that could arise from products made in China,” commented Andrew Duncan, GTX Corp Director.

Even though COVID caused some design delays and challenges, it also created a new level of interest in the concept of “tracking people” especially for the more vulnerable senior population. Many assisted living facilities are currently not accepting new residents during COVID and due to the financial slow down, many people currently cannot afford putting their parents or grandparents in assisted living, and the fear of putting your loved ones in a home and possibly not being able to see them for months, or worse condemning them to a fatal outcome, has all created a new level of interest for a simple yet effective solution to track and monitor people at home.

GTX Corp's patented GPS SmartSoles are the world’s first wearable yet invisible tracking recovery technology that are placed in the wearer’s shoes and contain a GPS chip connected through a global cellular network that sends a signal to a central monitoring website or app showing the exact location of the individual wearing the SmartSoles. They are water resistant, come in several trim to fit sizes for both men and women, are made with the highest quality electronic components and assembled in Rhode Island, U.S.A.

The simplicity behind the SmartSole Platform is that when someone wanders off, becomes lost or abducted, or you simply want to track and trace their whereabouts, a text or email alert is sent to a caregiver’s phone and computer with a direct link to a Google map plotting the location.



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