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Elementary, Mr. Watson: Circuit Simulation, SPICE, and AI

08/21/2023 | John Watson -- Column: Elementary, Mr. Watson
According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight time limitations and rest requirements, a commercial pilot is restricted to 36 flight hours in a week, 100 hours in 28 days, and 1,000 hours in any calendar year. But before these pilots even start flying the friendly skies, they spend considerable time in a flight simulator. In the same way, PCB design and circuit simulations provide the same advantages: a controlled, safe environment for testing a circuit without the considerable overhead of fabricating and assembling the PCB.

The Shaughnessy Report: Advanced, Complex, and Emerging Design Strategies

07/11/2023 | Andy Shaughnessy -- Column: The Shaughnessy Report
Designers are an off-grid group of people. I know several people who live in RVs, and they’re all PCB designers. Designers are all a little unconventional. In fact, being off grid may be a requirement for success as a PCB designer. Some designers are really “out there.” They like to push the limits of their design abilities. They don’t like the status quo; they enjoy the challenges inherent in this job. If I’ve just described you, you’re in luck. This month, in Design007 Magazine, we focus on designing PCBs with advanced, complex, and emerging technologies.

The July 2023 Issue of Design007 Magazine Available Now

07/10/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
This month, our contributors focus on designing PCBs with advanced, complex and emerging technologies. We investigate design strategies for boards that are on the cutting edge of technology, or crazily complex, or so new that designers are still writing the rules as they go, like Wyatt Earp and his brothers taming a lawless cow town.

Keysight Radio Frequency Device Model Generator Adopted by Samsung Foundry

06/27/2023 | Business Wire
Keysight Technologies, Inc. announces that Samsung Foundry has adopted the new Keysight IC-CAP Model Generator (MG) to accelerate the creation of circuit libraries, a key component of process design kits (PDKs) for Samsung’s advanced radio frequency (RF) semiconductor process technologies.

Mycronic Receives Order for Prexision 8 Evo and Prexision Lite 8 Evo

05/17/2023 | Mycronic AB
Mycronic AB has received an order for a Prexision 8 Evo and a Prexision Lite 8 Evo from an existing customer in Asia. The order value is in the range of USD 31-34 million.
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