MKS Continues to Increase Performance for CapStone Flex PCB Drill System

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MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, today at IPC APEX 2023, announced the launch of SPOT ON™, an optional feature upgrade available for the CapStone™ laser via drilling system. SPOT ON increases system uptime through early warning of spot quality deviation and increases the CapStone's yield performance by reducing leading causes of via quality degradation. 

"High-end flex PCB manufacturers are experiencing increased pressure to meet yield requirements," said John Williams, VP and general manager of MKS Equipment and Solutions Business. "Adding SPOT ON to CapStone enables our partners to drill the highest quality blind vias within increasingly tight margins. In our initial evaluations at high volume production partners, we have seen SPOT ON deliver increased yield on top of the already high CapStone™ laser drill performance." 

SPOT ON increases performance by delivering a dynamic beam focus capability to high-production Flex PCB manufacturing. This capability enables beam location and control through automated z-mapping and dynamic z-control. With the SPOT ON feature, the CapStone system maps inconsistencies in height between the chuck, overlay, and panel. Once mapped, the system automatically adjusts the beam spot to deliver quality vias without waste. 

Key Performance Highlights:

  • Increases blind via quality resulting in fewer defects being sent to a customer.
  • Reduces scrap costs resulting in better margins.
  • Reduces downtime by constantly monitoring and tracking the laser spot, ensuring better visibility into the system beam health. 

Flex PCB manufacturers can get additional details and the first look at the optional SPOT ON CapStone laser drill feature by visiting the MKS|Atotech|ESI booth 709 at IPC|APEX 2023 or visiting 


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