Nano Dimension Launches DragonFly LDM 2.0 Update

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Nano Dimension Ltd., an industry leading provider of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)/PE (Printed Electronics) systems, announced the launch of its next-generation DragonFly LDM® 2.0 system, a comprehensive update to the Company’s flagship product that introduces improved print quality, optimized ink utilization and smarter management for printer uptime. The DragonFly LDM® system is the only known technology in the world that uses digital files and simultaneous 3D-printing of dielectric and conductive materials to rapidly produce high performance multilayered electronic devices (Hi-PEDs®: Hi-Performance Electronic Devices). 

“I am excited to announce the DragonFly LDM® 2.0 update, which was developed by Nano Dimension R&D multidisciplinary teams over the last several months,” said Nir Sade, Nano Dimension VP, Product Champion. “This great effort resulted in a product that will significantly take us one step closer to fulfilling our vision of additive manufacturing of Hi-PEDs® in a cleaner, smarter, and faster way.”

The DragonFly LDM® 2.0 update consists of hardware and embedded software upgrades that provide improved user experience, including optimized ink utilization, improved print quality with print-head calibration and nozzle cancellation wizards, as well as improved printer uptime with better maintenance system design and semi-automatic calibrations. Nano Dimension customers with service contracts are eligible to receive the DragonFly 2.0 update at no cost. Approximately 68% of the Company’s customers worldwide already upgraded the early-bird DragonFly Pro® machines to the previous release of DragonFly LDM® systems.

“This free update to our existing DragonFly system owners is expected to contribute to increased customer satisfaction, while demonstrating to potential new customers our commitment to constant product improvements,” added Sade.

The DragonFly LDM® system is already being deployed in a wide range of industries, including academic and research institutions, defense, aerospace, aviation, autonomous automotive, robotics, and advanced medical applications. Its ability to enable on-site proof of concept and prototyping of advanced designs in a matter of hours instead of weeks; create special PCBs and Hi-PEDs® with better performance; reduce the size and weight of electronic devices; enable innovation and protect IP, which is critically important, represents a paradigm shift in how industry and research institutions will research, develop, and produce Hi-PEDs®.

Sales of the new DragonFly LDM® 2.0 system are expected to begin June 1, 2021.


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