EIPC-IPC Roadshow Workshops Focus on Conflict Minerals

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The European Institute of Printed Circuits (EIPC) and IPC are partnering with ENVIRON UK Ltd to bring a conflict minerals workshop designed specifically for companies under pressure by pending European Union (EU) conflict minerals legislation, existing U.S. laws and human rights campaigns to declare the use and origin of conflict minerals in their products.

The workshops will provide current information on:

  • EU conflict minerals legislation
  • how to address customer inquiries
  • best practices of leading industry companies
  • impact of U.S. legislation on EU companies

The schedules are as follows:

  • 2 February - Sponsored by IFTEC, to be held at ESPACE HAMELIN, Centre d'Affaires & Services, Paris, France
  • 4 February - In conjunction with the EIPC Winter Conference, to be held in Hotel NH München Airport,  Munich, Germany
  • 6 February - Hosted by Alpha, to be held in Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

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