Assessing the Applications and Importance of IoT

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Who Will Win from IoT ?

IDTechEx expect that those who will win from IoT will be solution providers offering solutions that are required by mandate (smart meters) or are wanted by businesses (to solve specific problems) and consumers (being desirable, life improving solutions). The technology differentiation may be small between the biggest successes and the failures, with the difference being those who can create useful solutions that are wanted. An example of this are home thermostats from NEST, with estimated sales approaching $500 million in 2014 (but others are far behind). For some 'niche' applications such as this, there may not be opportunity for more than a handful of solution provider companies - the number one become strongly entrenched.

Other likely winning positions within the IoT value chain will be those making ICs, such as MCUs, but this will become less secure over the coming decade as countries such as China robustly invest in developing their own IC design capabilities. Software for IoT will continue to remain fragmented by being very application focussed, but there will be big business for those analyzing the data, particularly in consumer and government applications. There will be slim margins in hardware assembly.

 Rising from the trough of disillusionment will eventually be huge successful IoT businesses. Fundamental to positioning your company to succeed in IoT is understanding who wants it, why and what the emerging technology solutions are in the short and medium term. This is the goal of the IDTechEx Internet of Things Applications event, to be held in Berlin, Germany on April 28-29. It is the only event on IoT that assesses applications through presentations and engagement with end users from different verticals discussing their needs.

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