Google to Enter US Telecom Market

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Google has announced that it will bring in ultra-fast internet to around 18 cities of the United States. It has announced pilot trial of an economical, modular smartphone. It has joined a significant lobbying unit for minion telecom organization. And as of now, Google is considering an admission into wireless service.
All these, added together, appears as to be a serious participation in the communications space, with wider implications for what customers will pay for the service, how businesses will contend, and the rules and regulations that will have effects on the way Americans experience their technology. 
The investments that Google is putting in telecom will enable it stand against some of the biggest voice and internet operators around. But Google has a key benefit that it does not generate revenue from internet service subscribers. That is why it would be able to cut down cost for customers, to accept business practices that would be shaky for other providers and to persuade Washington policy disputes.
Senior vice-president for the consumer group Public Knowledge, Mr. Harold Feld stated that this is a multifaceted strategy. Even if Google makes only 10% profit margin on its wireless and fiber offerings, that will be enough for it to be thriving and to attain the desired result of driving more usage of its applications. If Google counterfeits into the wireless telecom space, the search engine would not just be an alternative to AT&T and Verizon. It would control an upright part of this universe in a fashion that no one else ever did.


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