ESCATEC Expands Services; Offers Mechatronic Testing

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ESCATEC, one of Europe's leading providers of contract and manufacturing services, is now offering Mechatronic Testing services for customers. The Mechatronic Testing includes the design and building of bespoke test rigs to do long term evaluation of the mechanical moving parts of a product such as buttons, switches, motors, etc. plus the conduction and documentation of product stress tests.

"This is all part of our aim to provide more and more services in house for our customers," explained Michael Walser, Head of Global R&D at ESCATEC.  "Rather than customers placing the life testing of products' mechanical performance with third party companies, we can provide this service so that customers have fewer suppliers to deal with.  It also means that, because we have designed and manufactured the product, we know it intimately and can quickly make improvements should any long term issues arrive during the accelerated life tests."

ESCATEC is also offering this Mechatronic Testing service for products that it has not made, enabling customers to access the Mechatronic Testing and improvement skills that the company has with the support from its in-house R&D and production teams to suggest solutions to any problems that arise.

The Mechatronic Testing service is covered by the company's Class 2 and Class 3 certification that is part of the ISO 13485 quality management systems, enabling it to provide this service for the manufacture of medical devices.


The ESCATEC Group provides fully-integrated electronic and mechatronic design and manufacturing solutions to assist customers in achieving success in their market. Its one-stop solutions and best-in-class service enable companies around the world to operate more profitably, sustainably and efficiently. Founded in 1984, its history is full of innovation, which made it a first choice partner for many European and North American OEMs. The Swiss-owned company perfectly blends Swiss business philosophy and attention to quality, precision and detail with the advantage of low-cost, mass-volume manufacturing capabilities in its Asian factories.

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