FlexEnable Partners with Flex to Unveil Conformed LCD for Automotive Applications

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FlexEnable is showcasing the first conformed LCD in an integrated automotive application—developed in collaboration with Flex—at IAA 2015. The demonstration shows how LCD, the world's most established and proven display technology, can be applied to glass-free, ergonomically shaped displays in cars without incurring the cost and stability issues of flexible OLED.

The FlexEnable demonstration will be part of a display integrating several new automotive technologies, coordinated by its partner Flex.

FlexEnable, a partner in Flex's Collective Innovation Platform (CIP), teamed up with Flex to design a flexible display that is incorporated into the A-pillar and paired with a camera attached to the wing mirror. This innovation will offer drivers an enhanced view of the side and rear of the vehicle, eliminating blind spots and increasing road safety.

The ability to activate the surface of the A-Pillars is enabled by the unique flexible transistor technology created by FlexEnable, combined with Flex's expertise in connecting and integrating breakthrough technologies in the Age of Intelligence.

FlexEnable's lightweight display adds minimal incremental thickness and weight to the frame, minimizing visibility impedance, while its conformal nature provides comprehensive coverage of the A-pillar. The smart and connected technology provided by Flex gives the display and the camera the ability to interact with the environment, allowing the driver to respond in real-time.

"We are excited to be working with Flex, a worldwide leader in automotive electronics systems, to demonstrate our unique capability in Organic Liquid Crystal Displays (OLCDs) at this important event," said Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable. "Conformable, high-quality OLCDs bring a new degree of design freedom to automotive designers and will significantly enhance driver experience and safety. Today's car interiors are stylish, functional and comfortable and have curved surfaces everywhere except where constrained by rectangular, glass display panels. FlexEnable technology removes this constraint while providing the same display quality and reliability customers have come to expect from LCD displays."

"Flex is always seeking to identify and develop technologies that create real value for our customers and end users," added Kent Helfrich, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Flex Automotive. "We are excited to demonstrate one of the new capabilities we are helping bring to the automotive market, with partners such as FlexEnable."



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