Arlon Electronic Materials Introduces 85HP High Performance Polyimide at productronica

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During Productronica in Munich, Arlon introduced their newest product offering, 85HP (High Performance) polyimide laminate and prepreg material. With a Tg of 250oC, Arlon’s 85HP is an enhanced polyimide resin system designed to meet the ever increasing requirements for performance and reliability of complex circuits. Based on Arlon’s proven 85N polyimide resin, with enhancements achieved by use of spread glass styles and a micro-fine filler system, 85HP is a premium product engineered for demanding multilayer applications.

Performance requirements in aerospace, military and space applications have emphasized the need to eliminate occurrences of resin cracking, minimize wicking in plated through holes (PTH), improve dimensional stability in high layer counts and high density vias. Arlon’s 85HP also offers 2X thermal conductivity vs. typical polyimide resin systems, for improved component longevity and lower component junction temperatures. Arlon’s 85HP is ideal for use in high temperature applications such as burn-in semiconductor testing and down-hole drilling. The use of spread glass reinforcements with a filled polyimide resin system results in high Tg, laminates with X-Y CTE values very close to that of copper (16-18 ppm/oC) and a low Z-axis expansion. When combined with 85HP prepreg, Arlon’s new 85HP system offers multiple options to designers and fabricators for attacking the challenges of high performance circuits.

For additional information, contact Arlon customer service at our Rancho Cucamonga Manufacturing and Service Center at (909) 987-9533, or visit our website at



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