Microtonic Appoints DISTEK as Rep in Italy

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Microtronic GmbH, a leading sales specialist of microelectronics, has announced the appointment of DISTEK Microelectronics (Division of DISTEK Strumenti & Misure) as its representative throughout Italy. DISTEK’s team of high-level product specialists offers extensive experience for fitting and solving customers’ needs with best-in-class solutions and services in the microelectronics and semiconductor industry.

Headquartered in Napoli, DISTEK Microelectronics has offered reliable test and packaging support since 1979. The company offers different product lines in order to capture market opportunities in various segments including probe stations, DC/RF/mmW positioners and probes, rapid thermal cycling, die bonders, wire bonders, and more.

About Microtronic

Microtronic was founded in 1981 and is based near Munich, Germany. With 35 years’ experience, we are the microelectronics leaders in Europe and offer a wide range of products and services to the microelectronics industries. We run regular training courses on various topics through in-house training or can arrange for specific employee training courses on request to suit your needs.

Our customers include companies who require added solderability test, ultrasonic microscopes, circuit board repair systems, welding systems, solders and solder pastes. We offer centralised pricing to our customers with the added benefit of unparalleled delivery times from our centralized European warehouses.

For more information, please visit www.microtronic.de. 



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