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Nolan's Notes: Convergence

09/19/2023 | Nolan Johnson -- Column: Nolan's Notes
When I stop to consider the dynamics in our industry at this moment, I keep coming back to the idea of “convergence.” Aspects of our industry historically thought of as distinct and separate are blurring the lines and overlapping. As I look back on our coverage in the past five years, I see convergence taking place, moving like a glacier—slow and steady but with formidable force. In this issue of PCB007 Magazine, the three areas of convergence we consider are materials, advanced packaging, and UHDI.

Achieve Optimal Uniformity with BTU’s TrueFlat Technology at SEMICON Taiwan

09/04/2023 | BTU International, Inc.
BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, will highlight its TrueFlat™ reflow oven technology at SEMICON Taiwan in booth #M1039. The expo is scheduled to take place September 6-8, 2023 at TaiNEX 1 & 2 in Taipei.

Celanese: Fired Up Over Ceramics

08/02/2023 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007
With the ever-increasing diversity of performance needs in printed circuits, substrates are an ongoing area of development and innovation. At IMS Microwave Week, we caught up with Daniel Barish, a global strategy and west commercial leader at Celanese, to discuss substrates, low temperature co-fired ceramics, in particular.

American Made Advocacy: Taking the Fight to Capitol Hill

08/08/2023 | Travis Kelly -- Column: American Made Advocacy
PCBAA hosted its second annual meeting, June 13–14, in Washington, D.C. It was great to see our founding members as well as many new corporate and individual members. On the first day, we heard from senior officials at the Departments of Commerce and Defense, as well as several members of the House and Senate. We spent the second day on Capitol Hill lobbying for the Protecting Circuit Boards and Substrates Act (PCBS). I am pleased to report that several members of the House of Representatives pledged to become cosponsors, and more are sure to follow.

Designing and Manufacturing Wearable Biosensors

07/21/2023 | Rick Ramos, Eastprint Inc.
As wearable electronic devices continue to be more prevalent, it’s an ever-greater challenge for companies that manufacture them to keep their competitive edge. It is vitally important that each device is effective, cost-efficient, and of the highest quality available.
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